Kakheti Winery Tour
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About Kakheti Winery Tour

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About Kakheti Winery Tour

Kakheti is the most prominent wine region in Georgia. Here is the tour plan:

The tour will start at 10:00 am.  

• Tasting Georgian bread “Shoti” and cheese. Explore how it is made by local granny. Tasting the strongest Georgian local drink called “Chacha”. And Georgian famous sweet called “Churchkhela”, which is made with grape’s liquid and walnuts.  

• Exploring Saint Nino’s Monastery, Bodbe Convent. Alazani valley, St. George’s Monastery.  

• Exploring city of Love Sighnaghi, the wall tower, having lunch at the terrace, tasting highlight of Georgian cuisine and having pleasant view over Alazani valley. 

• Exploring Wine Factory, tasting different Georgian wines, cognac for free. 

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Experience Details
  • Places to Visit: Nino’s Monastery, Alazani valley, St. George’s Monastery
  • Maximum Capacity: 4 People
  • Experience Duration: 8 Hours
  • This tour is a private tour. No other guests will join this tour.
  • Experience content is flexible and can be changed depending on you.
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