What is Localexperience.co?

Localexperience.co is a website where you can find and meet local people who love to share authentic, local experiences in your next destination.

Localexperience.co Services

We are providing customized professional guidance services according to the purpose of your trip. Either you travel for a medical treatment or you just want to explore historical attractions of your destination, our guides are ready to advise you and plan your route according to your needs. Check all the services provided by us below.

Arts & History

Localexperience.co gets you in touch with the best locals, to show you a wide local art and history experience. The Locals will bring you to the must-see places or the hidden pearls through the cities, in order to feel the real soul of a place as you wish. Choose your destination, book your local from our website, and start enjoying your journey now!

Family & Kids

Local Family & Kids Experience- At localexperience.co we believe in family. That’s why the locals from pur website have chosen the best and funniest experiences for the family travelers! Fun parks, light lessons while playing, team games… the best family experience to make both children and parents happy, satisfied and more bonded, thanks to what the locals have in store!

Food & Drinks

Local Food & Drinks Experience - localexperience.co is really for everyone. Low-cost, elegant and pretentious, fast and street local places. All the must-do experiences to bite and taste the essence of the food & drink in the city! Book a Local now: they are ready to show you great experiences thanks to their direct knowledge of the place!

Health & Sports

At localexperience.co, the locals have selected for you a lot of different sports experience to live the city sport dimension at its best! The local company that you can select from our website is the best option to enjoy health and sport benefits and to live the city like a real healthy and sporty local body!


Local Nightlife Experience - localexperience.co selection of Locals ready to show you Restaurants, Breweries, Clubs and Lounge Bar to discover the typicalities of our must-see cities! The best Nightlife Experience and Emotions expressed in different moments and places that the locals are dying to show you, just when the sun goes down and the reverberations of self are at their maximum potential!

Personal Assistance & Translation

At localexperience.co we have though about two brilliant services to deliver to our travelers thanks to the locals’ help: the Local Personal Assistance & the Translation Experience. Choose whatever you need and start exploring the city with your trusted local! A deeper experience in touch with the local community.


localexperience.co wants to inspire a great photography experience to our dreaming travelers. The locals from our website will show you the city while taking amazing pictures outside, inside and also using both cameras and smartphones. An original way to freeze the perfect image of the city you are about to visit as a local photographer!


localexperience.co a list of locals with a selection of different shopping inspirations right from their typical point of view. A great journey through what the city can offer and show to your taste, involving big boutiques’ tours but also little gem shops digging into history and unique pieces. Learn how to shop local… your local shopping experience is waiting for you!

SPA & Beaches

localexperience.co is what you've been waiting for if you're looking for relax and chilling out during your vacation! Locals are ready to show you Local Beaches and Local SPA experiences where to collect unforgettable memories to bring back home! Start your senses experience: Book a Local right now!


localexperience.co experience is what makes our travelers very happy. Something useful, beautiful and mostly original. In fact, experiences are better than material gifts and those memories are unforgettable. An experience, whether it's a trip, a yoga class, or a candlelight dinner, will always be better than anything else! Trust a local and let be cuddled!

Walk & Discovery

localexperience.co can count on a wide Local Walk & Discover Experience for all tastes and minds, selected from locals. They will bring you to the must-see places with a hint of originality and epiphany: the city is a treasure to discover and they will be happy to show what it has to offer to those who are able to see!