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Are You in Bangkok with Your Family and Kids?

Bangkok is a vast and buzzing city with a myriad of things to do. Coming here with your family and kids, it would be essential to hire a local guide to take you on your sightseeing tours without any stress. Instead of getting lost or trying to figure out what it is you are seeing, your local guide will take all this uncertainty out of the game. You don’t have to worry about anything, just relax and enjoy.

If you venture out on a shopping trip and decide to visit one of Bangkok’s largest weekend markets, “Chatuchak” it can be an adventure for all. An adventure that because of the markets sheer seize can last all day. The diversity of products offered on sale here is mind boggling. You can find all kinds of clothing and Thai wood carvings to pets and bronze statues. It is a place that will entertain your family and kids for sure and there are plenty of Thai food stalls as well, ready to quench the appetite everybody will surely develop from all the walking. Having a local guide along will help keep an eye on everybody and make sure your kiddies won’t get lost among the thousands of visitors. He/she will also make sure you and your family will see those items that you are interested in.

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This is only one example of a place for a full day shopping adventure. There are many more in Bangkok for every taste and purse. All of them, when accompanied by a local guide will make for a stress-free day for you and the family.

Visiting temples and shrines on another day or a boat trip on the Chao Phraya River by “long tail” boat, venturing into some of the canals would be another great family day out in Bangkok. Your guide can arrange for a long-tail boat just for you and your family at relatively low cost, for a few hours or a whole day. You will see some real Thai life when meandering through some of the canals which are called “Klong’s” in Thai. Many traditional houses line every Klong and you will find some unusual places like old Teakwood houses surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens right along the water.

There are a number of beautiful temples along the shores of the Chao Phraya River and your local guide will show you the best ones to visit.

Along the embankment of the Chao Phraya you will find a lot of great Thai restaurants. There you can sit and watch the never-ending action on this mighty river while enjoying some great Thai food. Your local guide will know the best restaurants around because Thais love to have their Sunday lunch in one of those places. So it may be better to plan for such a “day on the Chao Phraya River” for a weekday when it is much quieter.
Alternatively, you can book a Bangkok Chao Phraya river cruise with one of a number of travel agencies or from your Hotels desk, on one of the larger, purposely built river cruise ships. Those usually include on board Thai dinner which is designed for tourists though and will not be as good as dinner at some of the places at the river shore.
There are water parks in Bangkok where you can take your kids for a whole fun-day out in a Disney world like environment and one or two places where your older kids can surf in artificial waves. No matter the age of your kids and your personal preferences, your local guide will make sure your time in Bangkok will be enjoyable, fun and most important of all, stress free.

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