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Alternative Medicine and Thai Massage Treatments

If you are visiting Bangkok for a few days or weeks, you may want to take care of some medical issues or enjoy some sporting activities to retain your health. To start, one has to say that Bangkok is a well-known health-tourist destination. First class hospitals with doctors mostly educated and trained in the USA or UK are at the root of this, for Thailand's lucrative tourist business.

One of those hospitals would be the Bangkok General, just off Petchabury Road. A large medical facility with the most modern equipment you can wish for if in need of medical care. This is just one hospital of well over 10 such medical institutions and treatment is far less expensive than in your home country, especially if you come here from the USA.

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Alternative Medicine

If however you are in search of some Chinese alternative medicine, your local guide will be your salvation. Alternative treatments range from acupuncture treatment to being examined by an actual Chinese doctor and prescribed traditional medicines. Bangkok’s Chinatown is brimming with Chinese herbal shops offering all sorts of herbal remedies for almost all ailments. They should however not be taken lightly and only used, following the instructions of a professional Chinese Doctor. Alternative medicine in Bangkok is another reason many tourists travel here and our local guides know the very best of places for treatments.

Thai Massages

There is of course the traditional Thai massage which at first may seem like modern torture but will deliver mind blowing results. Thai oil massages will soothe all the stress away and calm the body and mind. You haven’t lived if you haven’t had a “head oil massage”, believe me it is the most relaxing, stress relieving hour you will have ever experienced. Bangkok also has a fast-growing market of “foot-massage” places, but let your local guide take you to a good one, with highly trained and experienced staff. A foot massage applied by a well-trained professional can cure a lot of ailments, from back-pains and headaches to digestive problems. Your local guide knows the best places and will help you avoid those that are aimed at tourists. Many of those may actually do damage to your health since their staff are not well trained.

Sports in Bangkok

If you are here and want to do some sports to keep yourself fit, well, there are a number of possibilities. If you are staying in a 4 or 5 star Hotel you will find a gym and swimming pool to use at your leisure. There are also independent gyms spread all over Bangkok and your local guide will know which ones are good.
But there are some interesting alternatives and your local guide will know all of them. Bangkok offers some interesting water parks where you can surf or para-sail or just do laps in Olympic sized pools. Your local guide will know them and take you to the one that will fulfill your choice of sports you wish to partake in.

Thai Chi in Bangkok

Your local guide also knows the best places to exercise “Thai Chi” in Bangkok’s Parks. There, early in the morning and late in the afternoon many Chinese congregate to exercise this gentle martial art. One of the parks where Thai Chi is practiced is Lumpini Park. This park lies in the middle of Bangkok’s business district and is surrounded by skyscrapers and a network of main roads. Your local guide will take you there or any other location for your Thai Chi exercise or lessons. Thai Chi lessons can be arranged for you by your local guide at relatively low cost.

There are many sports available in Bangkok such as Tennis, Badminton. Table tennis as well as some indoor sport arenas for rock climbing. Your local guide will take you to the best places where you can enjoy your favorite sports in Bangkok.

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