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If you are bored with the same musics, entertainment shows, lightnings when you go out at night, let’s meet Bangkok nightlife! The city’s nightlife is in quite contrary with worldwide known nightlife experiences and undoubtedly more than you expected! There is no black and white when it comes to partying in Bangkok, the city offers different entertainment options for different tastes with all price ranges. From street fun activities to exclusive sky bars, here is your Bangkok nightlife guide!

Bangkok Nightlife is very diverse and what it represents is very much dependent on what you are looking for. Due to the sheer size of Bangkok and the many nightlife areas, local knowledge represented by your Bangkok local guide will always be of a great advantage for your night out in Bangkok.

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Bangkok Nightlife is very diverse and what it represents is very much dependent on what you are looking for. Due to the sheer size of Bangkok and the many nightlife areas, local knowledge represented by your Bangkok local guide will always be of a great advantage for your night out in Bangkok.

To start, the old song “One night in Bangkok” and especially the lyric “One night in Bangkok makes the hard man stumble” is far from being a cliché. If you head out into the Bangkok nightlife by yourself or even with some friend, this lyric may become reality. Without local knowledge and not being able to speak the language, you are heading into “no man’s land”.

Bangkok Nightlife means many things for many people. You may jump into the neon light jungle of Patpong, the most famous red-light district in Bangkok. You will find it off Silom Road. Or you may want to dive into the backpacker area of Khao San Road where travelers find their paradise with affordable, low cost attractions like Bangkok pubs, bars and street activities full of fun.

There are many, many other such low cost Bangkok Nightlife Areas but those cannot be recommended for visitors who do not speak Thai.

There are many choices for your Bangkok Nightlife

Other Bangkok clubs and Bangkok bars for Tourists and Expats alike can be found in the side-streets of Sukhumvit Road. Starting with Nana Plaza and the whole of Nana Road on Sukhumvit Soi 4 and culminating in Sukhumvit Soi 23 where you will find “Soi Cowboy”. Soi Nana is heavily frequented by visitors from the Arabic countries with many Shisha bars, restaurants and clubs. “Soi Cowboy” is more aimed at the western Tourist as well as Expats living in Bangkok.

All venues have one thing in common, a huge number of bars and clubs offering something for every taste and desire. But one has to say, there are also establishments that should be avoided at all cost and only your Bangkok local guide will save you from ending up in one of them. At this point we should point out another important fact. When venturing into the nightlife of Bangkok without a guide and you are using a taxi, stick with your choice to go.

Bangkok Nightlife - Are you looking for a more subtle, high quality night out in Bangkok?

On the other hand, Bangkok nightlife tours also offer a large number of venues for the sophisticated, high end travelers who wish to enjoy an evening in style. If this is you, you may start the evening just before 6 pm with a cocktail in one of “Bangkok’s “rooftop bars” where you can enjoy a Bangkok sunset between 6 and 6:30 pm, and interesting company. Most will speak English here. After sunset you will be aghast by the night-skyline of Bangkok with it myriad of lights and countless skyscrapers reaching into the black sky.

Your Bangkok nightlife guide will know just which of those “rooftop bars” will be perfectly suited for your taste. Thereafter you may feel hungry and your Bangkok local guide will take you to the right place where you will find what you desire. This may be “Thai street food”, a more upmarket Thai restaurant, a Michelin starred Thai Restaurant or the best Steak Restaurant in town. Your guide will know Restaurants all over Bangkok and if you want German, American, Chinese, Korean…the list goes on way too long for this article, but your guide will know them and which one will be best to suit your wishes.
Thereafter you may want to enjoy a drink and some live music at one of the hundreds of Bangkok bars and Bangkok Clubs Your local guide will know the right one for your taste. If, for example, you are looking for live Jazz music in a high class setting, the Mandarin Oriental Bamboo Bar would be the first choice or if it is a pulsating Discotheque where you would like to dance away the calories you consumed during dinner, your local guide will know just the right venue for you.

Your family coming along?

In Bangkok with your family? Your Bangkok tour guide will make sure you’ll have a pleasant family evening with a visit to a rooftop bar (they do serve non-alcoholic beverages as well) and afterwards a nice family dinner at a calm, tropical Thai restaurant. Or your Bangkok local guide will take you to the relatively new area of “Riverside City” along the mighty Chao Phraya River with its many shops, restaurants and pubs. Later, how about a stroll through one of Bangkok’s night markets with hundreds of colorful stalls offering from souvenirs to clothing just about anything you can imagine.

Quite a night out in Bangkok?

You just want to spend the evening at a nice Pub with some good music and meet some expats living in Bangkok? Your Bangkok local guide will know just the right place for you. There are many English pubs, German Bier houses or even Thai beer gardens spread all over Bangkok.

The conclusion one arrives at should be rather simple. A local guide will take care of you and your family (if present) and make sure you will not resemble any of the characters out of the “Hangover 3” movie after your Bangkok nightlife tour. You will wake up in the morning, having enjoyed a night out worth remembering, looking forward to the next one. Also, your Bangkok nightlife guide will know how to get to the venue. Remember Bangkok is huge and you do want to avoid spending hours sitting in your taxi stuck in traffic jams or long walks in the Bangkok heat. The “cool of the night” doesn’t really apply to Bangkok. If you only want to enjoy Bangkok nightlife with correct choices and without getting exhausted, get a local guide and have a much better, highly enjoyable time in this fascinating city called Bangkok.

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