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Weekend Markets and All Special Shopping Spots

One could fill a whole book on shopping in Bangkok. Not only is Bangkok enormously large, it also has a vast amount of shopping opportunities bar like no other city.

Where to shop really depends on your budget and what you are looking for. Your local guide will be crucial to make your Bangkok shopping trip a success. He or she will know just the right venue to visit for your particular shopping ideas.

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You basically have the following to choose from:

* Up-market, luxurious shopping malls
* Weekend markets with low cost offers
* All week markets and areas in Bangkok specialized in clothing
* Areas in Bangkok specialized in gold and jewelry
* Tailors all over Bangkok at various price/quality levels

Your local guide knows them all and will be able to take you to just the right place for your needs. To point out just some examples:

Up Market Luxurious Shopping Malls

There would be “Siam Paragon” – “The Emporium” – “Gaysorn Plaza” – Amarin Plaza” – to the gigantic “Icon Siam Shopping Mall” with over 500 shops and 100 restaurants, just to name a few. They are all very large and of course air-conditioned, to make a comfortable shopping experience. These malls are where you'll find the finest fashion stores, global brands, jewelers, accessories stands and all kinds of luxury designer lifestyle goods. Your local guide will know exactly which one will cater for your particular shopping needs.

Weekend Markets

There really is one that stands out among all of them, “Chatuchak weekend market”. Someone who knows the place and speaks Thai as well as English. With its market stalls over 8,000, Chatuchak weekend market is somewhere you can easily get lost, optimistically you may get exhausted. This is a venue, you really want a local guide by your side. He or she will create a efficient route for your needs. From cheap copycat clothing to high quality traditional figures, you can basically find anything at Chatuchak weekend market .

There seems no limit of what is available at Chatuchak, but be aware, temperatures in Bangkok easily will reach 38°C during the day and add to this 200,000 shoppers and tarpaulin covered walkways in-between the stands and it is not difficult to imagine the heat and humidity. If you are any taller than 5’6 you must also watch out carefully for the low hanging supports of those tarpaulins. Your local guide will not only stop you from getting lost in this gigantic place, but also be of real value when it comes to bargaining. Bargaining it what is expected here and your local guide will be of great assistance in that matter.

All Week Markets and Special Areas

There are so many of week markets, thus it is impossible to list them all, but to mention one, there is Pratunam. Pratunam is a large area in Bangkok which is well-known for cheap clothing articles. Here you’ll find a myriad of stalls offering all kinds of cheap clothing. Some may be subjected to bargain, some of them have questionable quality, but your local guide will know where to find the bargains and avoid the rip-offs.

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