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Bangkok Spas & Beaches

If you are spending a few days in Bangkok, you may want to try out the Spa culture of this great city. There are of course hundreds of wellness Spas located within central Bangkok, but also out on the periphery. Based on location and services, prices will vary from one hundred THB per hour to thousands of THB per hour for the truly upper-class establishments. Your Bangkok local guide will be advising you on which Spa will be the best to fulfill your wishes.

Some Spas will use modern methods, while others will be more focused on traditional Thai methods. Traditional Thai massages feature in most, conducted by experienced masseuses. A head massage by an experienced masseuse will be an experience you will never forget. If you spend a whole day in a Thai Spa, you will walk out feeling fully rejuvenated. We can definitely advise you to include SPA therapy into your Bangkok Private Tour.

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Sakura Spa & Massage is located at Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Ekamai). It offers a wide range of different massages, facial treatments etc… But this is just one of many places and you should ask your Bangkok local guide to take you to the Spa that is right for you. If you prefer Beaches over Spas, you will not find anyBeaches in Bangkok. The reason is simple: Bangkok is not located by the sea. Yes, there is a Harbor in Bangkok, but this is the inland kind. It is a distance before the Chao Phraya River releases those ships into the Gulf of Thailand.

However, the nearest beaches located near Bangkok, are only one and half hour drive away and therefore easily accessible for a daytrip. You can hire a taxi for approx. THB 4,000.00 (US$ 130.00) for a roundtrip or take a bus from Ekamai bus station on Sukhumvit Road for a lot less. We would however recommend strongly to hire a local guide for such an excursion. He/she will know which Bus to take and where exactly to go. A Thai bus station can be confusing since it is usually quite noisy and busy. There are air-conditioned and non-air conditioned buses heading for a variety of places along the Gulf coast. Some stop dozens of time on the way there, others do not. Your Bangkok Tourist Guide will make sure to take the right bus. He or she will also stop you from eating anything you shouldn’t while waiting for the bus to depart. Many have regretted being by themselves with little or no local knowledge and having eaten something that looked good, but soon after found themselves in an awkward and highly unpleasant situation. The closest beach to Bangkok would be Bang Saen, approximately one hour and fifteen minutes depending on traffic. It is a Thai fishing village, not so much touched by the tourist industry. Your Bangkok local guide will be essential, since English is rarely spoken. This is more a place where Thais come for a nice weekend by the beach.

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