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Unique Things to Do in Bangkok

Bangkok features a few truly unique places for you to explore. Your Bangkok local guide will help you find them, solve any language problems and make sure you learn everything there is to know about the places.

Have you ever heard of a City of over 12 Million people that has a twenty thousand square meter jungle with walkways for you to enjoy? Well, Bangkok has exactly such a place not too far from its Suvarnabhumi Airport. About 40 minutes by Taxi away from Sukhumvit Road and the hustle and bustle of Bangkok shopping streets, you can enter a pristine jungle environment and feel like an adventurer. Walkways will of course make sure that it is a safe experience and your Bangkok local guide will tell you all there is to know about the Thai jungle.

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Another unique aspect of Bangkok and totally different from the above would be the “Mahanakorn Tower” with its “Sky Walk”. Ask your Bangkok tourist guide to take you there and you can walk at 310 meter above the streets of Bangkok on Glass, looking all the way down to street level with apparently nothing between you and a sheer drop. This particular adventure is not for people suffering from Acrophobia, which is also known as Vertigo. After getting your adrenaline dose from the “Sky Walk” you may sit at their “Sky Bar” and enjoy a cool drink, calming your nerves.

The Songkran Festival is unique for Bangkok. There is no other City in the world, where during a period of 3 days, people seem to go berserk and douse each other with gallons of water, often mixed with ice. It takes place during the hottest month of the year, April and spells the Thai New Year. It is also the longest public holiday, lasting overall for up to a whole week, when business grinds to a hold. During the main 3 days though, places like Patpong, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy look like Water Battlefields. The “water battles” spread out onto other roads as well and if you are on or anywhere near Khao San Road, be prepared to get very wet, day or night. Your Bangkok local guide will know where to go, depending on if you want to partake in the water madness or rather avoid getting wet. You will be able to design your Bangkok Private Tour from the beginning till the end together. Another very unique event in Bangkok and mostly unknown to tourists is the “Navratri Festival” which is a Hindu celebration of their gods. This happens every year in November and takes place around Silom Road. Your Bangkok local guide will know all the details and take you there to get an impression of the Hindu population and their culture in Bangkok. It happens during the night and is awash with flowers. Yes, Bangkok has a Hindu population and there are quite a few Hindu shrines spread over Bangkok. They are also used for worshipping by some Thai Buddhists though. Your local guide can show you the most interesting ones and explain their story to you. Bangkok’s uniqueness is based on a blend of many cultures and a mix of the very modern with the very old, of Marble and Glass shopping palaces next door to slums, of the very rich and the very poor living in close proximity. Also, of a modern way of life intertwined with tradition and religion. For example, every time a new vast concrete, marble and glass shopping mall is opened, the Monks are called to bless the place, because Thais by nature are very superstitious.

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