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Your Bangkok Local Guide as a Company on Your Walks

For those of you who love to walk and discover things while snooping around a city, Bangkok will be a treasure trove, waiting to be discovered.

First though, unless you are impervious to heat, one has to say that the best time to do so in Bangkok is December and January, when temperatures are more bearable. The rest of the year, especially during March, April and May, temperatures reach up to 40+C in the shade and humidity is as high as in your steam bath. The other months, from June onwards, is the rainy season and going out for walks is a bit like a lottery. You may have a sunny, fine day, but you may also experience a downpour like you have never seen before in your life. When it rains in Bangkok, it really rains and you often see streets flood. Besides that, let’s have a look at some interesting walks.

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Needless to say, having your Bangkok local guide as a company on your walks, will make the experience much more exciting since he/she of course knows Bangkok in depth and will take you on the most interesting Bangkok Walking Tours. Chinatown It is a vast area of Bangkok with countless small streets and alleyways for you to snoop around and get a feel of the local’s life and customs. Your Bangkok tourist guide will know all the interesting places and where to get some great Thai food, look through shops, discover hidden shrines and temples, or where to get a great Chinese foot massage.

From Chinatown your Bangkok local guide will probably take you down to the Chao Phraya River and River City. There you can walk to your heart’s content and discover many small shops or artists, offering their creations for sale which will make your Bangkok Private Tour unforgettable. You can also enjoy some great Thai food here. If you are looking for walks “off the beaten path” and are looking to party with a young local crowd, your Bangkok local guide will probably take you down to Royal City Avenue. This area is not in a tourist part of Bangkok and you will get some real insights into the Bangkok Party crowd. This street is actually designated by the Thai government as an entertainment area and the idea was to create a place for young students to have fun. Just walk around and discover. Your Bangkok Tourist Guide will surely make some contacts and before you know it, you’ll have joined the party. Walking on Sukhumvit, especially the part between Soi 1 (a Soi is a small side street of any main road) and Soi 55 and diving into the small side streets will be a day filling discovery tour. Countless bars, shops, restaurants, from all over the world, street food stalls and just about anything you can or cannot imagine awaits you. Your Bangkok local guide will make sure you won’t get into any trouble and that you’ll have a jolly good time. You may discover “Cheep Charlie”, a unique open air bar that is nothing but a small shag, but full of character and the beer is cold and... Well, cheap. If you happen to be in Bangkok during the hot season, ask your Bangkok local guide to take you to “Central World Siam”, the largest shopping mall in Bangkok. Here you can spend all day snooping about hundreds of shops and large department stores. There is also a substantial selection of restaurants, fast food outlets and yes, street food stalls. Your Bangkok Tourist Guide will make sure that you’ll enjoy your day in this air-conditioned mall and you may even find the odd bargain to take home. Walks in Bangkok will inevitably lead to discoveries and you’ll find something new or different every time.

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