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It’s easy to find history and art together in Cappadocia. There is an open air museum in Goreme, dated to the Early Christianity. Here is one of the must-see places in Cappadocia tours. The museum has chapels, churchs, mess halls, classes and a lot of frescoes on the walls of churches and chapels. At this point, your Cappadocia Local Guide helps you to get information about the Goreme Open Air Museum.

In your Cappadocia Private Tour, your local guide takes you to one of the underground cities in Cappadocia. Historiographers assumed that there are more than 150 underground cities in the area. The most visited of them are Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı underground cities. In the underground cities, there are 7-8 levels and at each level has different usage like food storages, wineries, cowhouses, chapels, rooms, tunnels and round doors at the end of the tunnels. Researchers considered that 2.000 people could live in the cities temporarily.

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How do you get married in your country? Do you have any proficiency test to get married? Cappadocia culture had until the past 30 years. It can come to your mind astonishing. In the past, if people in Avanos wanted to get married, they had to pass the test. For men, they must be able to make pottery very well. Women also need to be able to do something very well. Can you guess what it is? One clue! It is used in our house and we are stepping on it. Yes, it is carpet. Women must be able to carpet very well. These workshops are the most visited places for Cappadocia tourist attractions. In Cappadocia tours, the best way to enjoy is visiting workshops and trying to make pottery and carpet. Let’s see together who is going to get married, who is not? Before you leave, don’t forget to take your masterpiece as a memory of your time there. Listen to the stories and see the beautiful handmade products with your Cappadocia Local Guide. While your Cappadocia Private Tour continues enjoyable, you feel like you are a local for long years in Cappadocia.

Easiest way to get information about Cappadocia’s history and arts can’t be possible with only books or inquiries. You should visit and see all the Cappadocia tourist attractions. Cappadocia has a lot of extraordinary buildings, historical places, traditions, culture and breathtaking stories. Your Cappadocia Local Guide can serve you the best, according to your requests. As mentioned before, you can listen to the interesting marriage stories of the masters from them. Cappadocia has a different Turkish accent. You have a chance to learn with your Cappadocia Local Guide. In your Cappadocia tours, during your visit to the Open Air museum, you will get information about most common painted frescoes. These paintings are described from the Holy book, Bible. Each scene has a story from the Bible. Frescoes dated to between 6-10th centuries. Artists did their best in the conditions of the period. Colours are still rich and protected. On the other hand, with the fear of death, the people in ancient times built underground cities in the Cappadocia area. According to inquiries, underground cities in the area are connected to each other. Your local guide will give you an explanation about the cities’ histories and purpose of use. Reserve your Cappadocia Local Guide, get the best guiding service and live the best moments in Cappadocia.