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From Modern Art to Ottoman History, Discover the Spirit of Istanbul

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Check out the must see sights of the city and explore its historical heritage with your local. The history of Istanbul is steeped in art and culture, and your local is ready to share the secrets of this one of a kind city.

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Istanbul has been a cultural hub for hundreds of years, and this booming city is a gateway where the East meets the West. The city’s iconic skyline is dominated by historical landmarks and architectural masterpieces; with the historic quarter recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. There are simply so many things to do in Istanbul, with a massive selection of must-see sights from the days of Byzantine and Constantinople. Whatever district you are visiting, it is likely to be steeped in art and history.

The Hagia Sophia dates all the way back to 537 when Istanbul was the walled city of Byzantine. Attracting more than 3 million visitors per year, the interior decorations of this museum are sure to take your breath away. Sitting across from this is the Blue Mosque, dating around 1616, this is one of the most iconic religious buildings in the world. Go shopping in the Grand Bazaar, Turkey’s largest and oldest market place, or explore underneath the city in the unusually breathtaking Basilica Cistern. Whereas, If you are looking for impressive sights above ground, Topkapi Palace served as the home of the Ottoman sultans for almost 400 of their 624-year reign.

Celebrating the city’s international status of historical significance, explore Istanbul culture and tradition through their vibrant and diverse art scene. There are so many exceptional Turkish artists, and the art of Istanbul celebrates the meeting of European and Asian culture. If you are interested in contemporary art, a visit to the Istanbul art modern is sure to impress. Whereas, the long-established Istanbul Archaeology Museum, continues to be one of the most popular collections. From beautiful parks to impressive buildings, Istanbul is famous for its art, history and culture. There is so much to see and do in this wonderful city! From tiny galleries to comprehensive art collections, visit world-renowned art festivals and exhibitions and delve into the artistic side of the city.
Discover modern artwork in contemporary galleries, and enjoy eye-opening insights into the colorful history of Istanbul. Many of the art and historical locations throughout Istanbul are open to visit, and your local will love the opportunity to share the hidden secrets of the city. Discover the highlights of Turkey’s art world and historical heritage with a personalized, tailor-made experience of the sites with your local. Wherever you are travelling to, enter your dates into the website and reserve a local at your destination. They can’t wait to show you around this marvelous city, share their love for their hometown, and take you on a tailor-made exp of the art and history of Istanbul.

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