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Bosporus Cruise, Fish at Galata Bridge, Turkish Nights and More

Explore the history of Istanbul and enjoy epic views and iconic city skylines as you discover Turkey’s cultural and historical capital

Straddling two continents, Istanbul is where the old meets the new and the East meets the West. It is a historical city that oozes with culture, and there are so many hidden gems and tucked away secrets to discover. If you are searching for unique experiences in Istanbul for a holiday with a difference, consider reserving a local at

Unique Experiences in Istanbul

The most popular experiences in Istanbul.

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There are so many unique experiences in Istanbul, which you just cannot have elsewhere. Find Istanbul’s hidden gems across the city and

Check out the Basilica Cistern : The Parisians can keep their catacombs, and the Londoners can have their dungeons, the dimmed light and classical music make this a unique experience like no other. As you sail underneath the city, look out for the wishing well and the Medusa head statue and marvel at the fish swimming below- this truly is a creepy yet eerily romantic experience.

Cruise the Bosporus : Feed the seagulls as you cruise along the Bosporus on a ferry! The top deck of the boat is where the views are at, and there is always a few hungry birds looking for tourists to share their snacks. This is a once in a lifetime experience when you consider the impressive views from the boat.

Fish at the Galata Bridge :

Go fishing on the Galata Bridge or sample somebody else’s hard work in one of the many restaurants. With the shoreline of Europe on one side and the hills of Asia on the other, this has to be the only place you can enjoy breakfast directly on the continental border.

Check out Dialogue in the Dark : 

If you are looking for a unique experience for your Istanbul trip move beyond sight in this impressive museum, which even features the opportunity to play football in the complete darkness! Hoping to raise awareness of the need for a more inclusive world, the museum experts are innovator leaders in supporting people with disabilities.  

Step back in time into a world of history, embrace the culture of Turkey, or check out the huge selection of cool experiences in Istanbul for the modern traveler. Istanbul is a gem of a city, with so many fun things to do and experiences to be had. However, finding the best activities can be a challenge, particularly if you do not know the layout of the city. Get a personalized tailored made experience and explore Istanbul with a friendly local for holiday experiences in Istanbul like no other.

Head on over to the app and enter your dates and the city that you are travelling to, and choose a friendly face from the selection. Your local knows all the best things to do in Istanbul!

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