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Discover the best of Kiev's Nightlife and enjoy the best of Kiev Clubs with our Local Guides!

Kiev is a wonderful city boasting incredible architecture and enjoying prime positioning on the banks of the Dnieper. At night, the city comes alive, with a range of clubs, from the celebrity-attended glamour spots to the more genuine local pubs and breweries, offering a stimulating evening and chances to drink and dance with these fascinating and amazingly hospitable people. Whatever kind of night you’re after, with the local, the pressure is off, and all you have to focus on is dancing the night away.

When visiting a new city, travelers young and old love to sample a piece of the nightlife. However, it’s easy to be drawn to the expensive, central bars and the tourist traps, instead of the authentic, traditional experiences you could be enjoying. With a local, those common mistakes are vanquished. Nightlife experience in is your chance to experience the genuine city of Kiev, and the best way to enjoy a genuine, Ukrainian night out. Forget the expensive, overflowing bars on Khreshchatyk Street or in Old Kiev – book a local, and get a true taste of what makes these hearty people tick.

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With a local, you can experience the height of Ukrainian fashion at the most stylish bars in town; you can learn the lingo – or at least the basics – with some curious local characters; and have the chance to hear some fascinating stories from these amazingly hospitable people, all while drinking (and dancing) the night away.

You’ll get a truly unique experience that dives deep into the culture of the city — an experience you would only scratch the surface of as a regular traveller.
Do you know, for example, where the most glamorous clubs are in Kiev? Those which attract the gilded youth, the Dinamo football stars and the city bigwigs?

Your local knows just where to go if you want to brush shoulders with celebrities, as well as all the tips and tricks to get yourself onto the much sought-after VIP lists.

Do you know, perhaps, where the budget bars are in Kiev? Those ones which are brimming with local students looking, like you, to let their hair down and have a damn good night? These are the bars in the university district, within a stone’s throw of the dorms, and your local knows just where to go for low prices and decent music.

Or maybe you know where the best traditional pubs are in Kiev? Kiev offers a plethora of classic Ukrainian experiences, like a bar inside a trolleybus, local beer brewed underneath your feet, and a vodka chaser for your beer. Your local knows them all, and knows exactly how to find them.

Whatever you want from your night out, hiring a local to show you the ropes is the only to guarantee your desires are met. Kiev is a big city with a sprawling nightlife stretched across several regions, so your chances of finding the right night out without this insider knowledge are slim to none. That’s why you’re better off with a local.

Kiev is a wonderful city boasting incredible architecture and enjoying prime positioning on the banks of the Dnieper. At night, the city comes alive, offering a stimulating evening with potential dashes of romance, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in what it’s truly like to be Ukrainian. Don’t spurn that chance: book a local today and create an experience you’ll never forget.

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