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Local Arts & History Experience in Kiev

Kiev is a wonderful city boasting incredible architecture and a smorgasbord of some of the finest street art in the world, combined with some of the richest history in Europe. From the roots of the Slavic languages to the funky, contemporary street art found on almost every corner, your enjoyment of this magical city will be boosted tenfold with a local guide at your side, to fill you in on everything you needed to know and more!

One of the first things that will strike you when you arrive in Kiev is how beautiful the city is. From glorious classical architecture to modern, funky street art, there’s something for everyone in this city rich in culture. Historically, Kiev is fascinating: while it’s considered the place where all Slavic languages came from, it’s true identity is finally emerging into the world stage, much of which has been shaped by its rich and infamous past, which remains an essence of the strong Ukrainian character today.

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Arts & History Experience with is your chance to delve deep into the culture of this amazing city and discover its hidden past and hidden artistic gems with a local by your side. That way, you’ll avoid the overpriced museums and the disappointing photo stops and instead leave the city full of knowledge.

With a local, you’ll not only gain a unique insight into the history of this captivating city and people, but you’ll also hear about the personal experiences, which have shaped the country as it is today, straight from the horse’s mouth, either from your local him- or herself, or from their family.

You’ll get a truly unique experience that dives deep into the culture of the city — an experience you would only scratch the surface of as a regular traveler.

Did you know, perhaps, that Kiev has one of the best collections of street art in the world? Covering an estimated 285 square kilometers in total – although no-one knows for sure – this collection of skilled and subtle craftsmanship is sometimes obvious, but often hidden away within narrow courtyards and behind towering buildings. Your local knows all the nooks and crannies, though, so you won’t go far wrong.

Have you already seen some photos of the stunning architecture that Kiev has to offer? This architecture is where art and history intertwine, and with your local, you’ll hear a plethora of stories about these magnificent buildings, such the church named after the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet or the complex that was once the cultural and political center of Kievian Rus?

Did you know, for example, about Taras Shevchenko, renowned as being the original founder of the Ukrainian literature? He’s also known for many masterpieces of art, which your local will show you and tell you all about, as well as taking you to one of the many memorials to this revered man.
Whatever your artistic and historical tastes, hiring a local will ensure that your visit is jam-packed with as much information and wonderment as is physically possible in the time you are there. We’ve barely scratched the surface here; there are a myriad of buildings, museums, pieces of art and historical tales just waiting to be discovered!

Kiev is a wonderful city boasting incredible architecture and a smorgasbord of some of the finest street art in the world. Whatever end of the artistic spectrum you fall on, the city is far better explored with a local, who knows the ins and outs of the history of everything you’re seeing. Don’t miss out: book a local today and enjoy a historical tour you’ll never forget.

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