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Local Family & Kids Experience in Kiev

Kiev is a wonderful city boasting some of the best activities for children and families in Europe. With parks, zoos, theatres, circuses and activities on water and on land to contend with, there’s really something for each member of the clan. With insider knowledge of where to go for the best adventures at discounted prices, a local guide is the best way to give the kids a magical holiday they’ll never forget.

When visiting any city with kids or family, you’ll need to be prepared to make sure everyone is entertained. That’s no different when it comes to Kiev but you won’t be left disappointed. With zoos and parks, circuses and festivals, the young and the young at heart will have no problem finding things to do especially if you bring a local with you. Family & Kids Experience with is your chance to discover all the joys of this marvellous city with someone who knows the ins and outs of where to go. Leave behind the underwhelming family experiences and take on the best there is to offer under the guidance of your knowledgeable local.

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With an energetic and entertaining local, there’s something for everyone — the parents will be amazed by the local expertise, while the kids will be delighted by the array of fun adventures to contend with. And you’ll enjoy all the local tips and tricks: residents often get into attractions cheaper than tourists in Ukraine, so be prepared for some serious value for money!

You’ll get a truly unique experience that dives deep into the heart of the city — an experience you would only scratch the surface of as a regular traveler.

Did you know, perhaps, of the plethora of museums that exist in Kiev? There’s one which allows you to discover and explore an underground reservoir! And another dedicated purely to the art of scientific experimentation — and of course, you can conduct your own experiments too!

Have you already heard about the animals that you can see in various different places in Kiev? Children love animals, and whether its viewing them and petting them at the zoo, or watching them in one of Europe’s most popular circuses, your guide knows all the back entrances, VIP tours and friends-of-friends to ensure your kids get a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Did you know that Kiev is one of the greenest cities in Europe? You can’t walk far without finding yourself among trees, flowers and joyful local children playing and running. Good playgrounds, of course, are notoriously hard to find online, so your local will be a godsend when it comes to finding the perfect place for the kids to let loose for an hour or two. There’s plenty for the adults to enjoy too — just tell your guide what you need, and it’s done.

Whatever your family tastes, and however different they might be, hiring a local will ensure that your visit is jam-packed with as much excitement and joy as is physically possible in the time you are there. We’ve barely scratched the surface here; there’s tonnes more things to see and do in museums, parks, theaters and on the river that we don’t have time for here.

Kiev is a wonderful city boasting some of the best activities for children and families in Europe. However fussy the kids might be, their wishes are far better catered for with a local, who knows just where to go on a whim or in an kiddie emergency. Don’t miss out: book a local today and enjoy a magical family holiday you’ll never forget.

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