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Deluge of buildings, landscapes, monuments and more

Kiev is a great city for photography, with a deluge of buildings, landscapes, monuments and generally breathtaking views that are just waiting to be discovered and frozen in time by your lens.

With a local, the stresses of finding the perfect time of day and the perfect viewpoint are removed, so all you need to focus on is taking the perfect shot.

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Whether you’re a serious professional photographer, a popular Instagram influencer, or simply looking for some mobile phone snaps, finding the perfect spot for photos while traveling is essential to the preservation of those fantastic memories. In Kiev, there’s no shortage of places to get that perfect shot, but with a local to help out, you’ll find yourself in possession of some of the best photos of the city in existence.

A Photography Experience with is your chance to experience the city of Kiev like never before, with the expert knowledge of a local to help you decide when to go where. It’s often crucial to pick the right time of day for each shot, and doing that in a foreign city alone is almost impossible — your local, however, already knows the best places for sunrise, sunset and high noon.

You’ll get a truly jaw-dropping experience with perfectly timed photos of some of the most iconic places in Kiev — as well as some of the hidden gems, which you never would have found by yourself.

 Do you know, for example, the best place to get a bird’s eye view of Maidan Square, the emblematic hub of the city? There’s several tall buildings nearby, but not all of them are accessible. Your local, however, has been there, done that and taken the photo — and they’ll be more than happy to show you the ropes

Have you heard of the staggeringly beautiful monastery on top of one of Kiev’s many hills overlooking the city? Not only does your guide know exactly how to get there, but also which bell tower to climb to get the best views of both the city and the cloister itself.

Splattered across the city are examples of stunning architecture from several epochs, including futurist Soviet architecture, a concrete house covered in numerous animals, and countless baroque, modernist and gothic-style establishments. Only with a guide will you be able to fully and efficiently experience the full smorgasbord.

Whatever your photography skills and needs, hiring a local will guarantee you make the most of your photo tour of Kiev. We’ve barely scratched the surface here — there’s a glut of buildings, landscapes, monuments and generally breathtaking views that are just waiting to be frozen in time by your lens.

Kiev is a great city for photography and still developing as a tourist destination, so take the opportunity to beat the major crowds and get your photos in now. Don’t miss out: make your life a thousand times easier by booking a local, meaning all you need to focus on is catching that perfect shot.

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