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Mega malls, presidential sweet shops, unique flea markets, and more

Kiev is a wonderful city for shopping, from mega malls, presidential sweet shops, unique flea markets, and daily markets offering fresh fruit and baked goods — plus far more besides.

With a local helping you along the way, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need at an affordable price without having to stress about price comparisons or wondering if the antique Soviet item you bought is real or fake.

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When visiting a brand new city, many travelers will be keen to check out the options for ‘retail therapy’, and in Kiev, there’s a deluge of options to choose from, with mega malls, small local markets and everything in between. You’re guaranteed to have one of the most fantastic shopping experiences in Europe — especially if you bring a local with you.

A Shopping Experience with is the best way to shop until you drop in one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe. Hiring a local gives you the option to find exactly what you’re searching for, whether that’s a designer handbag, a stylish retro scarf, or a hand-stitched, made in Ukraine jacket that is totally unique.

With a local, you’ll get a truly unique and personalized experience that will be unlike any you’ve ever had elsewhere.

Did you know that the current president of Ukraine is the owner of a chocolate company? In Kiev, the opportunities to get your hands on locally-made confectionery are abundant, and your local will guide you towards the most popular sweet treats, and will be able to give you several recommendations based on your own personal tastes.

Do you know where the finest collection of food is found in Kiev? There are several daily markets around, but only your local knows the best one to go to, with a smorgasbord of cuisine ranging from pickled everything to fresh (and of course locally grown) fruits and even baked goods. Staring at the mass of options is not only inevitable — it’s encouraged!

Did you know that Kiev also has some of the world’s most varied and affordable flea markets? If you really want something unique to Ukraine to take back to your friends and family, your local will show you exactly where to go. With hundreds of different vendors selling thousands of different items, your local will ensure that you find the genuine article. Finding antique items that actually date back to the Soviet period is very tough, and your local will help you to avoid the tourist traps and overpriced fake products.

Whatever your shopping desires, Kiev has everything you could possibly wish for — it just needs to be found. Luckily, with a local, the stresses of finding the best quality goods at the most affordable prices is taken away. And look, we’ve barely scratched the surface here — there’s also numerous shopping malls to be explored if you’re into something more mainstream.

Kiev is a wonderful city for shopping, with options spanning the retail superstores with all your favorite brands to the truly unique gifts found in the hidden-away flea markets dotted around the city. Only with a local will you be able to find exactly what you want. So don’t miss out: book a local today and enjoy a shopping experience you’ll never forget, and bring home some purchases you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

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