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SPA complex, surprisingly good beaches and more.

Kiev is a great city for spas and a surprisingly good one for beaches too, with spa options ranging from the ultra-modern to the super-traditional, and offering dozens of types of massages and treatments as well as a window into long-established Ukrainian spa customs.

Plus, with some beaches only known to a select few, hiring a local will not only enable you to pick your ideal spa preference, but also enjoy a secret day out on the golden sand.

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Relaxing at the spa or the beach is an absolute must for you while you are checking out city attractions. In Kiev, your options are endless, with a glut of spas, from the modern and high quality to the old and traditional, at your fingertips, as well as some hidden away beaches that even some locals don’t know about. If you hire a local, though, you’ll be able to take your pick.

Spa and Beaches Experience with is the best way to ensure that your holiday is full of relaxation and pampering. Hiring a local gives you access to the most highly-rated spas in the city, where you’ll be able to indulge in all manner of luxuries, including massages and a range of saunas in different global styles.

With a local guiding you, you’ll discover a truly unique, traditional and fantastic experience that other travelers can only dream of!

Do you know where the best spa in Kiev is? Didn’t think so. If you hire a local, however, that knowledge will be available to you as soon as you arrive, meaning you can get straight to the massage table. Locals often enjoy a discount at several spas in the city, so you’re really at an advantage if you bring one along with you, as you may well be able to get more for less. They’ll also know where you need to go for a more traditional Ukrainian spa experience rather than the modern fancy places you can find anywhere.

Did you know, that despite not being anywhere near the coast, Kiev has a deluge of beach clubs along the gorgeous Dnieper River? Many of the beach clubs are private, meaning you’ll need to keep your local close by in order to get access. Some of them even boast private bungalows and apartments if you fancy a stylish evening dreaming of the ocean.

Alongside the beach clubs by the river are, of course, some stunning beaches with golden sand that are well-equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds and a steady supply of drinks from the beach bar. The best beaches are, however, a little further from the city center, and need some seeking out — but with a local, you can guarantee that you search will be fruitful, and you’ll enjoy a quiet day sunning yourself at the beach.

Whatever your pampering desires, Kiev has far more than you might have imagined, with beaches dotted down the river and spas strewn across the city. We’ve barely scratched the surface here — there are such a variety of unique traditional spa experiences that only a local will be able to fully explain and bring to life, so that you know exactly which option to choose.

Kiev is a great city for spas and a surprisingly good one for beaches too, with spa options ranging from the ultra-modern to the super-traditional, and with the best beaches only know to a select few, you’d be foolish to miss out. So book a local today and enjoy a relaxing experience you’ll never forget and will never be able to replicate anywhere in the world.

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