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Astonishing architecture, a beautiful river to marvel at and more

Kiev is a fantastic city for walking, with something incredible around every corner, and not necessarily what you might expect.

With rolling hills, expensive parks and forests, astonishing architecture and a beautiful river to marvel at, the opportunities for walking are endless. But only with a local will these walks be honed to only contain the best and most worthwhile — so what are you waiting for?

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The best way to get around any city and truly see, feel, and experience the atmosphere and livelihood of the city itself is on foot. However, Kiev is unique: it may be a sprawling metropolis, with some fantastic walks through the city streets and the green forests and parks, but it also has an abundance of hills, which your map app may not help you to truly navigate. That’s why you need a local.

On foot, though, it’s easy to get yourself into a tangle — so ensure you book a local to avoid getting too lost, and to enrich your experience with insider information as you walk and browse. Locals know all the perfect places to walk, which hills to climb for the best views, and perhaps more importantly, the places that aren’t worth going to.

A Walk & Discovery Experience with is your gateway to the heart of Kiev. Where are the best routes through the city, that allow you to see and enjoy the absolute highlights of architecture, nature and food? With a local, that information will be at your fingertips from the get go, meaning you’ll never need to waste time on navigation with your map or app, and you can focus on drinking everything in.

With a local guiding you, you’ll discover a deep, authentic and fantastic experience that other travelers can only dream of!

Do you know the best route through the heart of Kiev? A local does. Not only will they be able to steer and guide you in all the right directions, but they also know the secret, hidden-away gems that you won’t get on a standard walking tour. Discover not just the sights you came to Kiev to see, but also those obscure ones that will surprise and amaze you even more!

Do you know the best way to navigate Kiev’s many hills and forests? As one of the greenest cities in Europe, you’ll be astounded by the nature on offer that stretches across the entire city. However, with a local, you’ll know exactly which hills boast a view worth the climb, and which forests have the most unique collection of wildlife, both plant and animal.

Do you know the best route along the magical and romantic Dnieper River? Your local knows exactly where and when to take you, from daytime treks along the shimmering waterside to moonlit walks to the cosy bars dotted along the shore. Whatever you need just ask — with a local, you’ll be able to do more than just scratch the surface, as we have done above.

Kiev is a fantastic city for walking, with something incredible around every corner, and not necessarily what you might have expected. With a local, walking through the city is made a thousand times more enjoyable, relaxing and awe-inspiring, so don’t miss out! Book a local today, and get ready for an experience like no other!

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