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Unique Activities in Moscow is Limitless

Every city has their own spirit. Local characteristics of the city creates unique activities which can be only experienced in this very specific location. Especially for a city like Moscow which is one of the key economic, cultural, politic and scientific centers in the World with its iconic and global presence, number of unique activities is limitless. From cruise tours with beautiful panoramic view of city highlights to crazy shooting experiences, you can have a lifetime experience in Moscow. Let’s have a glance on unique Moscow tourist attractions and local places together as well as our knowledgeable Moscow tourist guide options!

As you may know, there are must see places in Moscow before you finalize your trip. For instance, Kremlin which is the World’s largest medieval fortress with its unique architecture or St. Basil’s Cathedral, the symbol of the country with its colorful domes inspired from fairy tales. Do you know that you can make a Moscow highlights tour with a unique cruise activity in Moscow? Moscow is a city which is named after the river, so the city highlights surround Moscow river. Therefore you can explore beautiful city highlights like Kremlin, St.Basil’s Cathedral, Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Cathedral of Christ the Savior and Stalin's high rise building in one hour cruise tour. Cruise tours have various options for different needs and expectations. You can find the most suitable option for yourself and your company's with your local guide’s help. You won’t be overpaying for the experience with a local help. Moreover, your local guide will help you to organise everything and ease communication for you by removing language barrier. Book your guide now, have a smooth Moscow cruise tour experience!

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Book Your Local Guide to Discover the Beauties Underground!

One of the most recognizable things about Moscow is its Metro construction and we are not referring frequency or the quality of metro service due to the underground system in Moscow is one of the bests in the World. We are talking about the underground art! Moscow metro tour will be a fascinating and unique experience for you. Design of Moscow metro stations is an extravagant art movement in itself. If your next stop is Revolution Square, you will be welcomed by the magnificent sculptures of the Soviet people. If you are in Kurskaya Station, you will be able to see Hall of Fame the WWII while you can see impressive mosaics of Russian glorious victories in Komsomolskaya. As speaking of underground places, Moscow will surely change your concept of underground due to there are more underground attractions besides metro stations. You should also add Soviet underground bunker to your Moscow tour itinerary. Bunker built in the 1950’s and recently opened to the public. Literally and metaphorically you will feel that you are in a time tunnel in this incredible facility. Book your local guide to have a unique Moscow highlights tour under the surface!

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If you are into extreme activities, Moscow is a place where you can find unique extreme activities. Let’s start with one of the most popular ones: shooting tour! You will learn how to operate legendary Kalashnikov, hold, aim and shoot from both supported and unsupported positions with the help of a professional English speaking instructor. Your Moscow extreme tour won’t be limited with a shooting tour though, because you are going to fly! Mig-29 Fulcrum aircraft was the spearhead of the Soviet Air Force during the Cold War. With its extra maneuverability and excellent speed, you will experience the spirit of Mother Russia! The list of Moscow extreme activities is a long one. One day you can drive an old Russian tank and the other day you can climb a solid rock. To find out the best Moscow extreme tours in your taste, book a local friend now and a lifetime experience will be yours!
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