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Your Thai local guide will be your personal assistant

If you are coming to Bangkok to conduct any kind of business, your local guide will also be your personal assistant and translator.

Bangkok is a thriving place for business with international banks being represented as well as large companies. Your local guide will not only make sure you will find the location for your business meetings, but also be by your side to assist with translation. A lot of Thai business men and women have either only limited of no grasp of the English- and you most likely none of the very hard to learn Thai language. A business meeting under those circumstances will be very difficult and most likely not achieve the desired outcome. Your local guide, being a bright student and fluent in both, Thai and English will be your lifesaver in that situation.

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Your Thai local guide will be your personal assistant

Even if your Thai opposites are fluent English speakers, having your local guide by your side will give you an advantage in any negotiations. Thai’s have no problem at all to talk to each other in Thai during meetings, being fully aware that you will not understand them. This is to their advantage and leaves the none-Thai usually feeling insecure, not knowing what is really going on. By having your local Thai guide by your side as your personal assistant, you’ll remove that problem and can feel save and assured that you can negotiate a good deal.

Sourcing manufacturers

You have traveled to Bangkok to source some products that you need for your business. Upon arriving in Bangkok, you realize that this might not be as easy as you initially thought. To start with, Bangkok is a huge place with lots and lots of traffic for most of the day. Manufacturers will be spread all over Bangkok and to visit their production sites suddenly seems like an impossible task within the time frame available to you.
Your personal guide who is now your personal assistant has the solution.

Here is where your local guide and personal assistant will provide the solution. He/she will help you develop a battle plan and find those manufacturers that are close together to visit on one day and others in a different area the next. In many cases you will have to go to Thonbury or other outskirts of Bangkok like Bangkapi and the local Taxi driver you picked up on Sukhumvit Road by your Hotel will not know the area at all. Your local guide will be indispensable in making sure you’ll get there and back. His or her experience will also make sure you do not plan too many visits in one day because in Bangkok everything takes longer than you think.

Time keeping in Bangkok

Let’s say you have set your first meeting for 9 am and thinking it will last 1 hour so you want to set the second one meeting at 1 am and you do need a local guide to be your personal assistant. Your personal assistant, being Thai, of course knows the Thai culture very well and will advise you accordingly. With his/her assistance you will arrange smooth appointments. Your local guide come personal assistant will help you come up with a realistic time table for your meetings, help in translation and make sure you are not taken advantage off, he or she will be on your side and make your business trip a success.

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