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Welcome to Athens, the oldest capital of Europe, land of philosophers, olive trees, ouzo and sirtos! If you think about visiting this city and try to decide what to see in Athens, we can assure you that there are plenty to do!

Let’s start with the historical background of Athens. The city is named after Athena and Poseidon in Greek Mythology. The myth says that Poseidon gave a spring with sea water whilst Athena offered an olive tree as she touched the ground of the sacred rock of the Acropolis. As you can foresee from this story, every historical place, a hill or a beach has great and inspirational stories in Athens. As speaking of Acropolis the historical monument stands on the top of the city, you can find great places to chill with the Acropolis view.

What else is there to see? Instead of limiting you with popular tourist attractions - which you already seen or heard of- we would rather introduce some unique places in Athens. Once you arrive in the city centre Syntagma, visit taverns’ street to have a quick look on the spirit of the city, have a drink in Plaka district to mingle with local people. Athens has all the characteristics of being a city by the sea. Walking tours in Paleon Faliron makes you feel refreshed and once you decide to have a break, don’t forget to grab your freddo cappuccino to align with the Greek way of living! Athens is also quite popular with its nightlife. The city has plenty of options for nightlife and beach clubs are totally worth seeing! In Glyfada, huge beach club parties take place every summer. If you want to picture Athens in your mind what you see is cheerful people having their iced coffees casually, beaches fully open to the public, delicious Aegean foods and drinks, crystal clean sea even in public areas and remarkably entertaining nightlife with taverns, pubs and beach clubs. Would you like to discover an ancient city with an amazing social life and people? Then you are in the right place! Our local guides will offer you a great experience and you will enjoy every minute you have in Athens!

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