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Welcome to one of the oldest capitals in the World with its history of over 7000 years. Due to its unique location between Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade has been a centre of attraction for centuries.

The city is glamorous with its gigantic churches, ancient castles and towers which can be seen as architectural masterpieces as well as its non-stop nightlife which will certainly be memorable for fun-loving souls! If you are eager to explore this great city, there are lots of things waiting for you. Let’s have a quick look at them. You can witness the history when you visit Belgrade Fortress which still stands after 2000 years of conflict. If you want to see an architectural masterpiece, we kindly invite you to see the Gardos Tower also known as the Millennium Tower. It was constructed over the ruins of Medieval Fortress and stands since 1896 with its beautiful eclectic design.

To have a taste of Bohemian Balkan style as well as Serbian cuisine, Skadarlija should be in your must-visit list. If you want to see where local people actually hang out, shop and have a drink with their friends, we invite you to Knez Mihailova street. As we mentioned above, the capital is located between two rivers, so you can also enjoy the beach and schedule your summer holiday in Belgrade, especially in Ada Ciganlija. When you are done with sightseeing, let’s explore the glamorous nightlife of Belgrade where the city's young and dynamic soul reveals itself. We can definitely say that, you will never be bored in the time that you spend in Belgrade. To find out the stories behind the historical landmarks, have the best time in authentic local places and at the end experience a reasonable and memorable trip, check our local guides who will be more than happy to show their hometown!

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