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Welcome to Dublin, the city which owns the youngest population in all Europe, homeland of Guinness and Kilkeny, worldwide renowned pubs and leprechauns! The city is unearthly green with its natural parks and Dublin is somewhere you can easily swarm with local people thanks to its licenced pubs over 666! Besides its authentic way of entertainment, Dublin is also a historical and contemporary centre of education as well as arts, industry and administration. The city has been ranked amongst the top thirty cities around the world. Dublin may not be mentioned amongst Paris, Rome or London though, as one of the greatest authors of all time, James Joyce stated “When I die Dublin will be written in my heart”, it is a place to remember. So, where to start? What should your guided Dublin tour include and which places should you explore with your Dublin Local Guide? We have already shortlisted some of the attractions in Dublin, let’s have a quick look on them together:

Brazen Head: We have already talked about Irish pubs and beers. Therefore we can not skip Dublin’s oldest known pub: Brazen Head. According to locals, Brazen Head was established in 1168 and it is a place which preserves its authentic heritage, a “must visit” to have a real Irish Pub experience. Your Dublin local guide will tell the stories of Brazen Head as well.

Trinity College: The Trinity College is the oldest university in Dublin besides being one of the most reputable universities of the world. The library has an amazing collection of books. The Long Room and the Old Library are totally worth seeing. Also, who does not want to walk in the halls that once Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and Bram Stoker walked? 

Dublin Castle: Dublin has always been famous with its rustic places and Dublin Castle is one of the best examples of it. The castle is still in use for different purposes. The white doorway inside and ancient towers are totally astonishing. 

St. Patrick’s Cathedral: St. Patrick’s Cathedral is one of the greatest examples of Irish Architecture and it is the largest church in Ireland. The church is surrounded by a field and trees. You will not only visit a historical monument, your Dublin local guide will let you enjoy the sun by sitting on the grass field outside! 

Natural Parks: As we mentioned at the very beginning, Dublin is one of the greenest cities you may ever seen. Phoenix Park, Herbert Park, St. Stephen’s Green and Saint Anne’s Park are some of the natural parks in Dublin that you should include your Dublin guided walking tour. 

Apart from its unique cultural heritage and exceptional natural and historical places, Dublin remains to be a cosmopolitan capital and embraces diversity. You can hear different languages while you are walking and you can taste delicacies around the world in street corners and this brings more color to the city which is already a parade of colors! To experience Dublin like Dubliner and find out its authentic local places, reserve your Dublin local guide now!