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Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, the city has been becoming the symbol of Malaysian development over years with its iconic towers, the World’s largest shopping malls, rapidly developing and comprehensive road systems. Kuala Lumpur is a unique destination due to the fact that the city preserves its Buddhist heritage, intact nature, diversity and rich food culture along with its fast-paced modernization. Therefore, Kuala Lumpur is the tenth most visited city around the World. Although the city is a very attractive destination, it is also vast and overpopulated. Your Kuala Lumpur Local Guide will help you to discover the city without getting lost in it. Let’s have a quick look on the things that you can include your Kuala Lumpur Private Tour.

KL Tower: The center of all these instagram worthy pictures with its glass floors which allow you to see the city under your feet! It is most likely that you will have nausea afterwards but capturing that moment is worth it!

Batu Caves and Hindu Temple: One of the best examples of Buddhist architecture with its giant Buddha statue and colorful design. The caves are located in the countryside and totally intact. Your Kuala Lumpur Tourist Guide will tell you about the history of Batu Caves while you are enjoying its hidden beauty. 

Bukit Bintag: Also known as the capital of entertainment and fashion in Malaysia. This shopping district shelters hundreds of shopping brands and mostly upmarket offers. If you would like to discover fine dining options as well as Japanese upmarket offers, you should definitely visit Bukit Bintag. Your Kuala Lumpur Local Guide will help you to navigate quality shopping places with reasonable prices. 

Fireflies and Seafood Tour: This will be one of the unique experiences that you may ever have in your life. Kuala Lumpur is one of the most rapidly developing cities in the World, yet it has uncountable natural beauties too. Imagine yourself in a forest, watching the dance of thousands of fireflies right after your boat tour with delicious local seafood. Your Kuala Lumpur Local Guide will be your best friend during this unearthly journey. 

Kuala Lumpur has many more things to offer for the ones ready for an unexpected journey. Discover China Towns, local markets and delicacies, the most important landmarks as well as hidden local spots with your Kuala Lumpur Tourist Guide. Reserve your Kuala Lumpur Local Guide now and let your journey begin!