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The city that takes its name from the Roman Empire, London. You can be sure that it will be one of the cities that will affect you at most. No matter what your thoughts and expectations are, it is possible to find something you will love or miss in this city. You can get a different feeling in every street you visit. There are tens of things to experience in London with its huge parks with magnificent beauty, neighborhoods with different cultures where you can feel like a local and experience unique nightlife. You don't have to think about how to fit them all into your list. Your London local guide will be with you throughout your journey and help you tick every item on your list. Let your London guided tour be prepared!

Founded nearly 2,000 years ago, London is situated on both sides of the River Thames on the southeastern coast of England. The city founded by the Romans, London is one of the oldest cities in the world and today one of the world's largest metropolises.

There is an incredible cultural diversity in the city, which has a population of eight million; This is one of the points that make the city beautiful. Your London tourist guide will introduce the cultural codes of the city to make you feel more comfortable and less foreigner indeed.  

Whatever your purpose of travel, you can find dozens of places to visit and activities to attend. Let's take a look at the 5 points that your local guide will add to the top of the list of places to visit in London: 

Tower Bridge: the view is incredible, don’t miss it. 

Covent Garden: Take a cookie from one of the local patisseries and watch street musicians in the square.

London Eye & Southbank Centre: It may be better to tell that these places together. London Eye is one of the best ferris wheels in Europe. If you want to buy a ticket and experience a ritual in the london view, choose London Eye, or if you prefer to go out on the terrace and watch it with a drink, then choose Southbank Centre.

Big Ben: It has never been wrong since 1859, check whether your watch is showing correctly!

Notting Hill: You may know from movies, you want to lose yourself among the streets. Do not leave before visiting Portobello Road Market.

London is not easy to discover thoroughly. You can make your London private tour even more colorful by participating following activities:

You can taste traditional English breakfast and Fish & Chips in one of the traditional restaurants where your London local guide will lead you to. 

You can take boat trips on the Thames River to enjoy a panoramic view of London.

You can watch the shift change at Buckingham Palace.

You can see the famous collection of the British Museum.

You can visit Shakespeare's Globe.

Do not forget to have a break at 5 pm for afternoon tea, your London local guide will certainly remind you that. It is not only tea time, it is a ceremony. There are really cute places to experience it. While having your tea, you can snack on small sandwiches and delicious cookies. You can go to Claridge's to experience it. In the evening, It is really enjoyable to have a drink looking at the beautiful streets. After fish and chips, you can try Pimm’s or another traditional drink at one of the local pubs in Camden or Soho. You are not gonna get lost, your London tour guide takes you to the best one! If the weather is nice, you can hang out in the pub's garden.  

In London you can have a different experience on every street in any hour. With your London local guide, you can have a friend who knows all activities and places in the city and you can design your London guided tour according to your interests. Check out local profiles and make your journey full of experiences. 

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