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Lviv, also known as the capital of West Ukraine can be described as the most European city of the country with its landmarks, architecture, traditions and so on. The city will remind you of different European capitals like Prague, Vienna and Krakow thanks to its diverse and integrated city texture.

 In addition to the cultural heritage, Lviv is as welcoming as a city can be thanks to its locals as well as its soft weather! The uniqueness of Lviv is not limited with that though, you will also see the educational, scientific and industrial centre of the Ukraine. If you are keen on history, you should know that Lviv is the place of “firsts”. The first university of the country was built here, the first book in the country has found here and even the first park of the country which was in Italian style was settled in here! 

If you are also curious about breweries, the first brewery in Ukraine was found in Lviv and it stays intact with its antiquated bottles and barrels. Moreover you can find the finest Galician Cuisine Restaurants in Lviv. Also the nightlife is not just vibrant here, it is conceptual! For instance, in such conceptual bars, drinks are offered in aluminum “soldier’s” cups and prices are quite reasonable. To sum up, the city never stopped growing and evolving since the 13th of century and a culture trip from every aspect is waiting for you. You will witness the perfect combination of contemporary and historical beauties once you visit Lviv. To have a well-organized and memorable trip in Lviv, find your local guide now and a great journey in Western Ukraine will be yours!

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