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Welcome to Minsk, the beautiful capital of Belarus and unexpectedly dynamic city in contrary to its historical reputation. Minsk is ready to surprise you by all means with its progressive, clean and modern city structure.

Minsk has many historical and casual attraction places. As a capital which is significantly affected by WWI and WWII, you can run into a monument, landmark or a museum in every step you take. Moreover, Minsk is ready to fascinate you with its fashionable cafes, impressive restaurants and crowded nightclubs. So, what is the best way to spend a day in Minsk? Even though there can be multiple answers, let’s make a brief program together!

You can start your tour at the Lenin monument which faces the Belorussian State University with its back to the Government House. Few countries preserve Lenin statues after the collapse of the USSR. Though you are not allowed to take pictures it is totally worth seeing! The best place that you can continue your historical tour is Belorussian Great Patriotic War Museum. The place is unique in itself due to the fact that it opened when WWII was still happening. Today it is one of the most important and biggest war museums in the world, along with the well-stocked museums in Moscow, Kiev and New Orleans, moreover the museum will fascinate you with its brilliant modern architecture. As speaking of architecture, the National Library of Belarus which is located in Minsk can be your next stop after the war museum. The unique architecture is an Archimedes solid with eight triangular and eighteen square faces. First day of your culture trip may end with visiting the Grand Opera and Ballet Theater. Bolshoi Theater is majestically impressive thanks to the ideal symmetry of the park, the statues on the pediment, and the abundance of marble and Crystal inside. With tickets starting at € 2 it would be a shame to miss it. Long day enough! Let’s relieve the tiredness after a roaming day in city, it is best to relax at the water park. It boasts seven slides inside and five more outside, a Jacuzzi, a salt room, and saunas with various temperatures and scents. We particularly recommend the surfing exercise where you can learn to conquer the waves and feel your every muscle. The important thing is not to go there on the weekend – it is very popular! To discover the beautiful capital of Belarus at its best, find out the best local places and experience the city in an authentic way, choose your local guide now and great memories will be yours.

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