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La Belle (beautiful) Paris. Paris is one of the peerless cities that is capital of history, art and culture from medieval age to today. Although Paris is called as the most romantic city in the world by many visitors, this city has many wealth to offer a completely different experience to its visitors with brilliant architecture, flower-filled parks and exciting atmosphere. Paris is located on Seine River in northern France and one of the most visited cities in the world. There are many different things to do in Paris. Many people can only visit the city for business or shopping but exploring the city with your Paris local guide will be an experience in itself.

Really hard to explain how beautiful Paris is. The city has many historical and cultural places to visit. You should absolutely add these places to top of our list for your Paris private tour: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Montmartre. These are just a small part of the list. Your Paris local guide will be helping you to finish the list.

You should visit every city as if you were to come once in life. It would be nice to start visiting Paris on a long way from the center of Paris, where the Parisians call it "Ax Historique". (Your Paris local guide can help you how to pronounce). You can see significant historical buildings listed below that have become icons of the city by following this route: 

1. Musée du Louvre: Ax Historique starts here with Mona Lisa.

2. Arc de triomphe du Carrousel: Heart of Paris!

3. Jardins des Tuileries: Fascinating garden of old palace. 

4. Place de la Concorde: symbol of the French Revolution! 

5. Champs-Elysées: The most sparkling boulevard in the world! 

Keep Calm! You can see all the beauties of Paris. Your Paris local guide will show you the route. You have not seen the Eiffel Tower yet. You do not need to spend time on long queues, because Paris tour guide can book the tickets for you before your trip. You will have much time to see Paris.

After a short tour of historic cities, would you like to explore the streets of the city? Paris is a star city with its cafes, exclusive restaurants and elegant boutiques. Your Paris local guide will help you to experience a real Paris private tour. You can stroll through the colorful streets of Montmartre which still retains its original atmosphere while having your fresh croissant. You can take a coffee break and taste its delicious crepes. If you want to try traditional meals, you can have Potage soup and buttered fish or escargot for dinner. You don’t need to worry about being attracted by touristic places, you will find the right restaurant during your Paris guided walking tour. 

Also known as "City of Light" (Ville de Lumière) Paris does not sleep when it gets dark. You can have a good time in the lively pubs and wine houses of the city. 

Instead of spending your Paris private tour alone, you can explore the city with accompany/ your Paris local guide who knows the city well and design your entire tour. You can check the local guide profiles and while discovering the city, you can fill your Paris tour with good memories. 

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