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Welcome to the party town of Poland! Poznan is the 5th popular destination in Europe and there are lots of reasons behind it. Firstly, Poznan is a university town. It hosts more than 60.000 students and not surprisingly the city is surrounded by conceptual bars and clubs with unbelievably reasonable prices. Besides being a dynamic university city, there is actually no time that Poznan turns into a ghost town. Will you visit Poznan in December? You will see one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. Do you think winter time will be quiet? Well, on the contrary, it is fair season and it is even hard to find a room in hotels at this time of year. Then how is summer like in Poznan? Summer is the festival time! The most important artistic event of Central and Eastern Europe, Malta Festival takes place in Poznan in summer. Your Poznan Local Guide will offer the best activities for every time of the year and we also listed some of the places and activities that you may want to add to your Poznan private tour. Let’s have a quick look on them:

Old City: First things first, a city tour goes off at half cocked without an old city tour. If there is a golden ratio which is special for market squares, Poznan market square comply with this for sure. 16th century’s merchant houses, pastel-paintented tenement houses, local handicraft stalls and more offer you a time-travel-like journey. Your Poznan tourist guide will also take you to a traditional local restaurant with Polish delicacies right after you visit these exceptional architecture pieces.

Imperial Castle: The Imperial Castle was inspired from palaces of Medieval Holy Roman Emperors and it was built with the orders of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The architecture style of the castle is called Neo- Romanesque. Today, this impressive building is used as a cultural centre and it unites urban lifestyle with history under its roof.

Park Cytadela: Well, this is a place for the people who go in for military history. This was the main base to protect the city in the Prussian years. Chunks of ravelins and bastions are the footprints of the things that happened in the past. Your Poznan local guide will provide remarkable information about Polish war history during your visit to Park Cytadela.

Bar Proletaryat: As we mentioned earlier Poznan nightlife is very dynamic, vibrant and young! Before hitting the best Poznan clubs, we recommend a warm-up session. If you are visiting Eastern Europe, a Soviet-themed bar should be on your must visit list. Especially in Poznan which shelters one of the best Soviet-themed bars. Its menu is called “manifest” and you will see lots of items, propaganda ads from this era. Cheap Polish drinks will be icings on the cake!

Your Poznan local guide will provide great help either you want to make a sightseeing tour or hit the best party places in the town! To explore Poznan like a local, reserve your Poznan tourist guide now!