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Welcome to the city of one of the greatest and most famous civilizations in history. Rome is a dizzying city with beautiful fountains, streets full of historical buildings, magnificent churches, flowered houses, delicious food and artistic accumulation. An enchanting experience awaits you on each street of Rome. We have heard that you want to have information about where to start to visit Rome, one of the most important cities in the world since ancient times. Your Rome tourist guide will help you to answer all questions about Rome while you can't take your eyes off the beauty of it, your Rome local guide will make your Rome private tour easy and memorable for you.

Rome is located on seven hills of 2 sides of the Tiber (Tevere) river and the most popular tourist attraction of the city is located in the Lazio region. Rome is home to the churches, various artifacts and historical buildings of the old Roman baroque and renaissance periods. Rome can be described as a real open museum with its historical, cultural and artistic accumulation, which has a unique value like the Vatican within its borders.

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities that all travelers want to visit one day. You can start to discover old parts of the city. You can visit the Pantheon, the oldest building in the city, and take a tour to the Colosseum, the world's largest arena. You can see the Ancient Roman Forum, after a little espresso break. Your Rome local guide will list all the beauties for you in this city where you will admire every corner. Let’s take a quick look at main squares decorated with magnificent fountains and monuments of Rome. 

1. Piazza Navona: With its glamorous cafes, Baroque palaces and three magnificent fountains, offers both locals and tourists alike journey. 

2. Campo de’Fiori: Colorful square at all hours of the city with flowers in the morning with music in the evening.

3. Piazza San Pietro, Vatican: Egyptian obelisk from the period of Emperor Augustus and the columns of Tuscany.

Don’t worry about other beauties, Fontana di Trevi, Castel Sant Angelo and the Basilica di San Pietro are not far from these squares. You will discover the streets while walking and learn the unknown stories of the city from your Rome local guide. You can be sure that all the little details are considered by Rome tour guide for your Rome private tour even the visiting hours of museums, ticket queues and the best time for photograph at the Spanish steps.

After the ancient tour in Rome, your local guide will introduce you with Italian cuisine which is famous and diverse as much as its history and cultural background. Once you've had enough pizza and pasta, your Rome local guide can take the best places for more traditional tastes like Minestrone soup, Agnolotti and Panforte for dessert. 

Rome has a colorful and lively nightlife atmosphere. Rome gives you different choices for nightlife. You may have wine at a fancy Italian restaurant or you can have a drink at one of the lively places in Piazza Montevecchio. If you would like to have a local evening, you can drink Limoncello on the Spanish steps. Only thing you need to do is to ask your Rome local guide to make your evening of Rome private tour perfect. 

With your Rome local guide, you can design your own private tour in the city Rome as part of a 3000-year-old Western civilization. Maybe, you have a friend who sends you love from Rome. 

Check the local profiles and feel like a local during your whole journey in Rome !