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Noble Saint Petersburg. St Petersburg, depicted by the Russian writer Dostoevsky as "the calmest city in the world", is a truly magnificent city with its wide streets, canals, baroque and neoclassical buildings. St. Petersburg was founded by Petro I in 1703 and spread to 42 islands on the Neva River on the Baltic Sea coast. It was the capital of the Russian Tsarist for two hundred years. It is said that you will never forget some of the cities you visit. St.Petersburg is one of these cities. You may probably start to sort your questions. Your St. Petersburg local guide will be with you to answer all and tell the history of the city during your St. Petersburg guided tour.

St. Petersburg is famous for its cultural wealth. The city is home to theater, ballet, music, museums, writers and literary works, as well as many branches of art. If you are interested in art, history and literature, you can get lost in St. Petersburg. There are more than 200 museums in the city. Artists and writers such as Rasputin, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Rimski Korsakov and Dostoevsky lived in St. Petersburg was a significant part of their lives. In addition to its cultural background, it is also famous for its elegant architecture. It has the beauty of being distinguished from many cities of the world with its long boulevards, palaces, parks and gardens. You may be worried about what activity you should attend or which museums you should visit. Your St. Petersburg local guide will enlighten you for any details and it will be a unique experience to feel the spirit of St. Petersburg.

Perhaps St. Petersburg attracts so many tourists because it offers a combination of history, culture and architecture. Before your guided St. Petersburg tour, let’s make a quick intro to the city.

Nevski Prospekt: It is a long shopping boulevard; you can also visit Stroganov Palace and Kazan Cathedral. 

The Winter Palace: It has been a museum since 1764. It has one of the largest collections in the world.

Peterhof Palace: Take a boat in front of Winter Palace, you will see a magnificent garden.

Mariinsky Theatre: Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty ballets were exhibited here for the first time. Your St. Petersburg local guide will help you to find a ticket.

White Nights: If you visit the city in June or July, you can catch White nights. It would be great to spend white nights in a city full of art and history.

St. Petersburg has vibrant nightlife. After tasting Russian cousins like Borsch soup and Pelmeni, you can discover lively Russian pubs and clubs. Your St. Petersburg tour guide will introduce you to the local night life of the city. 

It is always good to visit a city with a friend who knows the best places to hang out, where to go in the city. St. Petersburg local guide can make your St. Petersburg private tour unique. You can use your time effectively and have more time to enjoy the city. Check out local profiles and find your seatmate who makes your journey unforgettable. 

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