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Quiet city Tirana. Tirana, the country's largest city and capital, is one of the most important cities of both the country and the Balkans. Although the historical background of the city goes back to the past, the first city structure was formed during the Ottoman empire. You can enjoy the streets of the small but beautiful city, enjoy delicious coffees and watch the cafes and explore the nightlife. Don't forget to experience the delicious local cuisine. Then Tirana is waiting for you. First thing you need to do is to reserve your Tirana local guide. It will be very easy to explore the city with your Tirana Tour guide.

Located in an area surrounded by Dajti Mountain, the city Tirana has hosted many cultural and historical buildings from the past to the present. Since Tirana has been under Ottoman auspices for hundreds of years, you can see artifacts from Ottoman Empire and also visit Yugoslav-Soviet architecture buildings in the city. It is really easy and nice to see around in Tirana. You can do many things in a few days in this city where you will discover its historical structure, food and cultural spirit. Your Tirana local guide can plan a perfect historical and cultural route for you. If you need some tips, let’s look around together to help your Tirana guided tour. It may be a good start to see the heart of the city: Skanderberg. When you start touring the city from this square, you can also visit the National History museum, Ethem Efendi Mosque, Clock Tower, Opera House on the same route.

  After visiting historical and cultural buildings, you can also go to see the natural beauty of the city. Tirana is a cute and colorful city full of natural landscapes. You can see the panoramic view of the city by climbing Dajti Mountain. If you want to take a little break while watching the city view, a different experience is waiting for you. You can also take a coffee break at the cafe, which rotates slowly around its axis and allows you to watch the environment 360 degrees. Speaking of coffee, Albania has been under the influence of Italy for many years. You can try very delicious coffee in the city. We are sure that your Tirana local guide knows where to have break and taste delicious coffee. 

After a nature tour and a coffee break, your Tirana tour continues with local Albanian cuisine. If you are in Tirana, you should try traditional tastes. You can have fergese as a starter. After that, having the most famous dish of the country Elbasan as the main dish.

When it's time for dessert, you should try trilece. During your Tirana guided tour, you can also have Albanian Pastry as a snack. No worries, you will not spend time choosing a restaurant, your Tirana local guide already chose and booked your table for dessert.

A friend from the city can make your tour more exciting. Exploring a city with a local guide gives you many advantages that you cannot catch alone. You do not have to spend your days in Tirana alone. Check out local profiles and make your Tirana private tour more colorful.