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Welcome to Warsaw, the city beautifully named “phoenix” after World War II, metaphorically was born from its ashes again. Although most of the historical landmarks have been significantly damaged after WWII, they were successfully reconstructed and today the old town of Warsaw is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some palaces which represent Lithuanian - Polish commonwealth era surprisingly stayed intact. Moreover, the city is surrounded by historical and modern art, culture and science hubs. Therefore Warsaw took its place among the most liveable cities in all the world. Besides being a clean, modern and fastly developing city, Warsaw has witnessed plenty of tragic events. The reason why it shelters monuments and museums in the remembrance of losts of war and the city is somewhere you can understand late history.

All in all, Warsaw is one of the liveable cities in Central and Eastern Europe and a major tourist destination thanks to its unique cultural heritage and urban lifestyle. Your Warsaw Local Guide will help you to understand recent Polish history as well as the past-paced change of the city, the new lifestyle. You won’t be only taking pictures or visiting museums during your Warsaw Private Tour, you will also experience the spirit of this historical city, every spot you visit won’t be only bare nature or history but stories.

Let’s have a quick look on the things that you can explore during your Warsaw guided tour: 

Old City: Old town of Warsaw symbolizes the rebirth of the city with its thorough construction. The construction work was so incredible thus Old City of Warsaw gained UNESCO World Heritage Status. Also, this renaissance architecture surrounds the main market square of Warsaw where you can also see the famous mermaid statue. This place is so cute and full of local handicraft stalls. Your Warsaw tourist guide will help you to choose the best local gifts. 

Royal Route: Royal route is the line you will see almost most of the important landmarks, churches, parks, palaces, academic institutions and so on. Therefore you will cross Royal route path one way or another. Your Warsaw local guide will create your route for your Warsaw walking tour on a nice and shiny day. 

Palace of Culture and Science: As we mentioned earlier, there are lots of culture and science hubs in Warsaw. This giant building with astonishing architecture is one of the oldest buildings in Warsaw and it was a gift from Soviet Russia to Poland. Palace of Culture and Science shelters two museums, four theatres, congress hall, government offices and academic institutions. So if there is a big stage performance or cultural festival, they are most likely to take place in this palace. In our opinion, local events take place in your destination is one of best ways of exploring the spirit of the city. Therefore, we highly recommend you to reserve an event there and watch the panoramic city view with your Warsaw local guide from the terrace of this skyscraper.  

Łazienki Park: Łazienki Park is Warsaw's largest park and it is the first choice of families and couples on the weekend. There are palaces, pavilions, two orangeries, an amphitheatre, a planetarium in this huge park. You will experience the relaxation of greenery as well as discovering Art Nouveau style monuments. If you visit there on a shiny day, we highly recommend having a picnic with local Polish food!

Places that we suggest are like dust in the universe! Warsaw is really amazing with its renowned historical landmarks, cultural hubs, natural parks, local pubs and cafes and amazing nightlife. Your Warsaw local guide will help you to discover this city in depth and make you feel like home besides exploring something totally new and beautiful. To have a memorable journey in Warsaw, reserve your Warsaw tourist guide now!