One of the greatest experience you have to do while traveling is a journey through tastes.

At, the locals have selected for you a lot of different sports experience to live the city sport dimension at its best! The local company that you can select from our website is the best option to enjoy health and sport benefits and to live the city like a real healthy and sporty local body!

If you think that only parks and seasides can offer real opportunities to run and play sports, we stop you immediately! With a good dose of imagination, the locals we are introducing you have found out many ways to move during the day and enjoy all the benefits of playing sports and practice sports in contact with nature and meeting the city’s inhabitants! Walking, running, cycling, soft exercise... During your staying in the city, you can find your sport dimension and a wide Health & Sports Experience selection!

Doing sports in the city can also mean taking a yoga mat and putting it in the middle of the park for outdoor practice. When the sun is shining, how nice it is to make your movements outdoors and greet the sun? And then, working out in the city is also an opportunity to get out of the hotel and, why not, exchange Pilates tips with your travel mates. At, as you can see, we don’t lack of imagination! That’s why choosing the company of a local is the best choice to exercise without having to worry about what venue to choose and what opportunities the city can offer to those who are visiting for a while.

Let’s enjoy the health benefits of sports and the experience that locals have in store for you!

• Yoga in the Park: either you know yoga or you don’t, what’s better than trying it with the help of our locals, when you can count on instructors for sport and health classes? A very charming and relaxing exercise while burning fats and stress out!

• Basketball Games: do you love team games and the benefits of team sports? The locals have selected for you the best city’s basketball fields where to get in touch with locals and dream of NBA!

• Soccer Games: the most famous sport organized for you! Choose a local: they will be more than happy to reserve you a spot on local soccer games!

• Running: visiting a city can also be tricky for those who want to go for a run but don’t know the running tracks. Be careful and take care of your secureness and health by going out running with a local. Exercise and fun at the same time!

• Work Out: locals’ favorite spots to work out outside: gym weights, rocker arms, leg tools and so much more to gain the mental benefits of exercise!

• Local Pools: do you want to enjoy a swim in one of the best swimming pools in the city? We got it covered! Your local will be happy to deliver you an amazing water sports experience!

• Health and Fitness Centers: healthy gym and fitness center to hit without the noice of buying the gym membership and with the special fitness tips from a local!

• Driving Experience: drive like a local with the supervision of the perfect local from the city!

• Extreme Sports Experience: why not? Skydiving experience is just one of the extreme activities that some locals have selected for the brave hearths!

Design your Local Health & Sports Experience following 5 easy step:

• Go to our website homepage;

• Go to the city page of your next destination;

• Reserve your Favorite Local: fill the form in just 10 seconds and, once they accept, get in touch with them;

• Detail your tailor-made plan;

• Start your journey!

Live the city as no one has ever done before!

Select a destination and reserve a Local to enjoy your Health & Sports Experience NOW!

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