One of the greatest experience you have to do while traveling is a journey through tastes. a list of locals with a selection of different shopping inspirations right from their typical point of view. A great journey through what the city can offer and show to your taste, involving big boutiques’ tours but also little gem shops digging into history and unique pieces. Learn how to shop local… your local shopping experience is waiting for you!

There is no city discovery without scouting the local shopping! Cities have their unique style and even the shopping experience can become peculiar. Some cities explode the shopping extravaganza with luxury and great boutiques, while some show a great ramification of typical little pearls where to find the best deals!

Each traveler, as well, decides the budget to be destined for that kind of divertissement and for us at there is no better way to manage it than choosing one local to take the inspiration from! And even if shopping is something connected to who we are and sometimes, especially for women, a personal journey through relax and letting ourselves be, it can be fun enjoying the company of a shopping guide as well!

That’s why at we provide a selection of locals to guide your local shopping experience, bringing you to some unknown places, to local stores and to corners of the city with small and tiny shops that represent its defined soul, far from the busiest and also impersonal shopping neighborhoods.

Let our locals reveal the essence of the city shopping!

• Luxury Shopping: above all, when it comes to tourism in which luxury is present in every aspect of the holiday, the local shopping power can be very high and the local shops could also benefit from it beyond the best expectations. Go shopping with a local and have fun while helping the community!

• Big Boutiques and Shopping Malls: famous brands, busy streets, shopping centers and crowded sidewalks… cities can be a gold mine for those who are looking for comfort, while buying in well known clothes shops still with a hint of originality brought by the collectors and linked to the city’s aura. Book a Local and discover their selection!

• Flea Markets and Antiques: dive into shopping sites with our locals and discover local productions from past eras. You can listen to the stories of the city starting from the typical products and original art crafts. Locals’ selection of flea markets and antiques is really peculiar: a travel through history and artists who made the city great.

• Memories: don’t underestimate the importance of memories. Buy an item to carry the spirit of the place you have visited and imprinted in your memory, or even to bring to those who stayed at home;

• Local Products: when grocery shopping becomes a reason to enjoy the travel experience. Buying a product, a gift, a gastronomic delicacy, often becomes an activity linked to the travel experience and also to the emotions that it inspires. Do buy local and let the locals show the way!

Design your Local Shopping Experience following 5 easy step:

• Go to our website homepage;

• Go to the city page of your next destination;

• Reserve your Favorite Local: fill the form in just 10 seconds and, once they accept, get in touch with them;

• Detail your tailor-made plan;

• Start your journey!

Live the city as no one has ever done before!

Select a destination and reserve a Local to enjoy your Shopping Experience NOW!

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