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About almila

hi, my name is Almıla. ı'm 18 years old and ı born and grow up in antalya .I am a medicine student in Akdeniz medicine. This year is my first year.because ı am a student ı cannot do lots of things in a day but in the weekends ı do sports and explore Antalya once again. I like to travel, watch movies, read books and meet people around the world. Because ı grow up in antalya my favorite cuisine is mediterranean food . I love all kind of animals and ı have one cat. ı wish ı have more than that but ı live in a flat.My favorite part of city is Lara because as ı said i grow up in lara and ı love walking in lara walking road . I think it is very palmful and the view is amazing and the smell ıf sea makes me fell at home.If ı had a guest during daytime i would start with düden waterfall in lara.then if my guests like shopping ı would bring them to terracity and ışıklar. When we were in ışıklar ı would bring them to hadrian's gate.After ı would bring them to antalya marine and give them a boat tour with antalya's amazing view or ı can bring them to cable car and they can discover antalya from sky .If my guests like sea and swimming they can do diving or they can do rafting and canyoning . İn the evening ı would bring them to kaleiçi so they can have an amazing meal with an amazing view.Just let me know what kinds of things you like and ı will prepare a schedule based on your request.I can spend my day with guests in weekend but ıt can change with my school timetable. ı have a driving license but ı don't have car yet.I want to show my guests my experience and ı want them to see all the beauty in antalya. Also ı want to speak with people to improve my english and make new friends.



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