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About Jonathan

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About Jonathan

Hello. My name is Jonathan and I'm currently living in Bali on my 5th year. Currently based in Ubud. I've been coming as a guest ever since I was 2 years old because my fathers brother opened up a restaurant in ubud in early 90's. When I came of age I decided to go traveling and immediately felt home. The people, the culture and the food. I enjoy sharing my passion for Bali and showing people a good time

Things to do in Bali with Jonathan

There's plenty of things to do around Bali. Everything from amazing restaurants and bars to beautiful waterfalls and beaches. Having spent a while here I've got recommendations and experience in most areas but exploring together is also an option and a lot of fun.

Nightlife in Bali with Jonathan

I'll happily share my Bali experience with you, show you all the cool spots, waterfalls etc in town and help you with where to go to get the best experiences and how to get there. In order to protect local jobs there are certain roles I will not be able to fulfill as a expat, such as driver and cultural tour guide. However I've got a big network of balinese friends that would be happy to share their beautiful country with myself potentially as assistant or translator however most balinese people these days speak perfectly good english



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