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About Prisca

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About Prisca

Hello! This is Prisca. I live in Denpasar, Bali. I speak English and little bit Korean. I am not Balinese but I've been traveling to the most parts of Bali for the last 3 years and every parts offers something different to enjoy. I might be little bit chatty later, just stop me if you think I am too chatty later :D

Things to do in Bali with Prisca

I’ll definitely show you some sightseeings, the history behind it, definitely some tasty cheap local foods, walking and relaxing along the beach. Don't worry, I will include the tips and tricks to avoid the scammers for sure :) Other than that, I am quite good at taking photos for you. I'll make sure you go home with memories captured in pictures by me. Considered me as your friend during your trip :) Let's enjoy it together.



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€14 / hr
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