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Brussels Capital, Belgium
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About Berkay

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About Berkay

Hey there! I am Berkay. I am originally from Turkey and I am 24 years old. I have a bachelor’s degree in translation and interpreting and I have been living in Brussels for the past two years. Currently I continue my higher education in KU Leuven and yet I still choose to live in Brussels rather than Leuven. The reason for this is simple; I just love Brussels. I would be happy to show you all the things that make me love this hectic yet elegant city. To give some examples, whenever I have a friend visiting who hasn’t seen Brussels before, I always start our city trip at Grand Place. It is not only one of the most beautiful and popular sights of Brussels, but it is also the perfect first destination due to its proximity to Gare Centrale. Our next stop would be the famous little fountain, Manneken Pis. Though the exact origin story of this “peeing boy” depiction is unknown, there are many interesting stories I could share about him. To me, he symbolizes the uniqueness and an easy-going, playful personality of the city of Brussels which adds individuality to any trip! After that, our next stop would be the Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert where amazing chocolate stores and various other Belgian specialties will amaze your eyes and taste buds! This part of our trip can be a short or long one depending on how much you enjoy shopping. Next, while we are still around the city center I would recommend one of many great restaurants whether you prefer Belgian food or any other cuisine. One of the greatest things about Brussels is that no matter what you like to eat, you can always find it easily thanks to the international and culturally mixed environment! With our bellies full, we will then head towards Atomium, which is the iconic landmark structure of Brussels. It is currently used as a museum with changing content so it always has something new to offer whenever I visit. Next, we will be tired from waiting at the lines and all the exploring so we will go to one of my favorite parks in Brussels; Bois de la Cambre. Depending on the weather, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside or go to the unique restaurant located on an island within the park. During the night time we would head back towards the center for beautiful views of the historic streets full of bars and and exciting night life of Brussels.



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