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Brussels Capital, Belgium
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About Pamela

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About Pamela

Hi! My name is Pamela, I am 23 years old and I come from Italy. I studied languages during high school, therefore I studied the literature and grammar of English, French and Spanish. Then, I studied psychology at the bachelor's level at the University of Bologna and finally I just graduated from the master's Politics and Society at the University of Maastricht. At the moment, I am looking for a job in Brussels. It gives me the opportunity to learn more about the city and walk to different neighbourhoods. I have many hobbies, as I like listening to music or reading books, but I also love travelling and meeting new people from different parts of the world. That is why I did an Erasmus in Madrid for 5 months and decided to study at the master's level in the Netherlands. I really enjoy eating and cooking, and obviously my favourite cuisine is the Italian one (I love pasta, lasagna, gnocchi and a lot more). However, as I lived in different places and made friends with different people, I also experienced other types of cuisine, such as the Spanish or the Portugues one. I can definitely say that I love everyt type of food (except from sushi). I also love animals, that is why in Italy I have 4 cats!! One of them is quite old while another one was rescued by my family, who found it almost dead close to our house. Then, the latter got pregnant and had 2 kittens, which we decided to keep. Generally speaking, I really like Brussels. I think it is different from the other European capitals as it reminds me of a small city where everyone knows each other but it is actually very big. I would say that my favourite part is Sainte Catherine, because there is a beautiful church and a lot of bars which are open during night and offer different things to young people. I think that 4-6 hours is not a lot of time to visit Brussels, as there are many things to show. In any case, the city centre is quite small therefore you can easily visit the Central Station, Grand Place, the Hard Rock Café and Delirium Café (if you like beers). Otherwise, you could see the Manneken Pis, and close to the Central Station Monts des Arts and Parc de Bruxelles (with the Palais de Bruxelles and the other famous buildings around the park). As I already underlined, my favourite place in Brussels is Sainte Catherine, where there are a lot of bars and pubs. Therefore, if someone visited me at nighttime I would definitely bring him/her to Sainte Catherine, at the Viavia or Madame Moustache. My unique story about the city concerns my ex flatmate in Maastricht and a friend of mine from Italy. My ex flatmate is from Brussels while my Italian friend decided to move there to study. As I was in Maastricht, I used to visit them quite often as the two cities are close and linked via trains and buses. Therefore, one of the first times that I came to Brussels I visited it with my Italian friend during the day and at night we went together to C12 (a famous disco just behind the Central Station), where my flatmate was there too. Therefore, I immediately experienced the day and night life in the capital. I can spend time with guests mainly during the day and evening (preferably during the week, from Monday to Friday). Unfortunately, I have my Italian driving license with me but I do not have a car in Brussels. I would like to show restaurants, art and museums, exploration and sightseeing, shopping and history and culture. I want to be a local in brussels because I really love the city and I want to know more about it, and I think this is a great opportunity to study the city in a deep way. I also like meeting people from different parts of the world and show the city to guests. In fact, I already worked as touristic assistant in my village in Italy and I also used Couchsurfing while I was in the Netherlands.



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