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About Lilien

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About Lilien

Hello! My name is Lili, I'm a 21 year old university student in Budapest, Hungary. I speak fluent English and Spanish that I have learnt during my primary/high school years. I also use these two languages on a daily basis since I think practise is the best way to develop my skills. I have two years experience in tourism and being a guide. It's one of my favourite activities, since I'm able to show my beyond spectacular and beloved city to foreigners. I have a lot of respect for my city Budapest in which I was born and raised and for my ancestors who have founded the country. In my freetime I also like to do a lot of research about history to share with tourists and also to challenge my knowledge. Exploring the city, having meaningful conversations, taking photos of the unique Budapest buildings, trying out some typical Hungarian dish while having a nice walk in the peaceful nature like Városliget or Margitsziget or on the busy streets like Nagymező or Király street are all my favourite activities. I believe that through guiding tourists I can also learn a lot as well and it's always a good experience. One of the things I can offer, is of course to visit the highlights of my city. Although it might seem turistic first, I can share with you all the knowledge and some only known by locals stories about buildings and monuments such as the Vajdahunyad Castle, Soviet Liberation monument, Liberty Statue, Mattias Church, House of Terror, Liberty Square, etc... Other than that I can show you all the authentic spots from street foods to diners and high- end restaurants, cozy hidden cafés (sometimes with animals, too!) and indie film theatres. We are also proud of our various quirky ruin pubs that offer a wide selection of craft beers and unusual snacks, underground music venues and famous techno palaces I can also guide you through a nearby city, known as Gödöllő if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Budapest. In Gödöllő we can explore together the Palace of Sissy, wife of the Austro- Hungarian Emperor; Franz Joseph. The public transport outside of Budapest is also pretty exciting, so if you're interested in such adventures, I hope I can be of your help! :) When I travel, my main goal is to try as much as possible to look for authenticity, to avoid the typical "tourist scams" and just to experience the country as a local. So if you're about to visit my country, I'll try my best to show you how the Hungarians think, what we eat, what are our most important traditions and of course all the hidden treasures of the beautiful Budapest! :)



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