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Meryem Aslı
Bursa, Turkey
English, Russian, Turkish
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About Meryem Aslı

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About Meryem Aslı

Hi! My name is Aslı. I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in Bursa. I studied russian translating and interpretting in İstanbul. Right now i dont have a job. In this free time i want to gain experince by doing this job. I like to travel, spend time with my family and friends, going to the cinema. I like all kind of food but if i have to say specific one it would be kebab. I love animals unfortunately currently i dont have one. My favourite places in the city is anywhere near Uludağ because the weather is always chilly and you can see the breathtaking view. During day time i can take my guests to İnkaya plane tree, Sarıalan, Graand bazaar and Kozahan, Mudanya where you cand find good fish dishes and Trilye which is described as place where blue and green get together, and waterfall in Kestel, adrenaline park where you can rent atv. And sone other shops that sell special design products. During night time i can take my guests for dinner to İskender which is really famous restaurant in Bursa and after that maybe some coffee shops for hookah or some other coffee shops that has Bursa view. Bursa has a great impact on me cause its a really beautiful city. It has lots of green areas, great historical backgrounds and places and this city still protects itself from all the crowd and everything. I can take care of my guests which part of the day they want me. I can show my guests beaches, sightseeing, restaurants, natural and green places and historical places



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Meryem Aslı
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€13 / hr
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