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Sigmundur Jökull
Copenhagen, Denmark
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About Sigmundur Jökull

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About Sigmundur Jökull

Hi my name is Sigmundur Jökull but you can call me Simmi. I was born in Reykjavík, Iceland. I moved to Copenhagen to study arts and to do art as well. I like art, music, nightlife and the sea. My favorite place in the city would have to be Nørrebro especially Blågårdsgade. During daytime i’d love to show you the art and design museums around the center and walk around the old city. I’d also love to show you Nørrebro or Christanshavn and the cemetery in Nørrebro for example which is vary peacefull and in the end we could stop by one of the great cafés in Nørrebro. During the nighttime i’d like to take you to a bar in Nørrebro or even the center whatevert you feel like and after that we could take a bike ride to Kødbyen for clubbing on the way we would bike past Tivoli and see the lights and the fireworksshow if we’re lucky. I went to an art school outside of the city and really loved it and it’s people. And i’d love to show you it.



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Sigmundur Jökull
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