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About Luca

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About Luca

Hi, my name is Luca, I’m 21 years old guy from Milan. For the past years I studied modern and contemporary art, but then i preferred to specialise in Visual Communication studies at NABA. During my free time I’d like to go around the city, discovering new places, going to museum and galleries, and enjoying all the things that this beautiful city has to offer. I like to meet new people as well, in particular if they’re not from the same city as mine (sharing is caring). I’m also a food lover and hey, if you pass by Milan I’m the right guy that can recommend you some of the best restaurant in the whole city. During the daytime I would carry you to the main’s attraction and monuments of Milan, staring from the Duomo Cathedral, passing by Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (for the shopping addicted), the Sforza Castle and the Navigli, but I don’t want to spoiler you the whole tour and ruin the numerous surprises that this beautiful city has to offer. During the nighttime I would carry you around the main pub’s and cocktails bar area, and if you want some clubs and some terrace from where you can watch the sublimes city-lights. Anyway I love my city, but most I love showing it to new peoples and friends, and obviously not in the way that the averages and boring book-guides usually does. I would be really happy to answer all of your questions and doubts, just hit me up :)



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