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About Akshat

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About Akshat

Hello, my name is Alshat Akarsh and I love to travel and I’m a passionate traveler and photographer. Traveling to me is like a soul finding its peace. The joy that comes from discovering a strange land is like no other. I have traveled around 35 countries. I love to meet new people and learn about their culture and lifestyle. There's so much to know about different cultures and people that I take special interest in. Discovering the history of a place, learning the essence of it helps me in understanding the world we are living in right now. I’m a big time foodie and I love to try new cuisine and love to even write about it. I feel I can contribute to the community and encourage people to travel more from all the experiences I have gained from traveling. There's so much for people to explore and so much more to learn from. I personally believe there's no better learning than one that comes from traveling. I have hitchhiked from Delhi to Mumbai and also backpacked around Europe on a string shoe budget. I can do anything to travel and have been traveling since a very young age. I have faced lot of difficult situations and circumstances, even got mugged once in Africa. But all that helped me become a better traveler. A social media addict, I keep sharing stories and posts of places I travel to that interests people and I use my experience in designing itinerary for travelers and help them explore a certain destination.

Things to do in Mumbai with Akshat

Here in Mumbai, I can take them for a walk around the old town, explain them Mumbai’s history and show them the hidden gems aswell. Apart from the famous places like marine drive, gateway of India and elephanta caves, I could take them to famous food joint places and places they don’t even know about. I have shown many places to a lot of people visiting Mumbai. Hence the guests can be assured that they would have great experience.

Nightlife in Mumbai with Akshat

I can take them to the famous pubs and bars in Mumbai which is quite popular. Mumbai is known for its night life. Mumbai is huge so according to the area the night life could be explored.



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