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About Dobromir

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About Dobromir

Hello! My name is Dobromir, but you can call me Dobri. My hometown is Sofia, Bulgaria and I have been living here my whole life but have visited many other European countries such as Greece, Germany, France, Austria, Turkey and others. I am 18 year old student in a language learning mainly german. I decided to study languages, because i see myself as a young, outgoing, adventurous and upliving human being. That's the reason i believe every language will help me communicate with as many people as possible and learn new things daily. My hobbies are fitness, photography and "urban exploring", for the people who haven't heard of it here is a short explanation - Basically we "urban explorers" use our citiy to its maximum potential . We are going places very few people know and see most of the things the "mass" of people doesn't see. I can't decide which is my favourite part of the city, because Sofia is such a beautiful place and and has so many amazing sightseeings. If my guests whant to experience my city and night we will definitely first go to the outstanding mountain top called " Kopitoto" and watch the beautiful lights of the city from above. Afterwards we will visit some famous pubs and clubs, because the capital of Bulgaria is famous with it's nightlife. I am a big animals lover also. I adopted recently one cute chubby bunny and have a dog named "Rony" During the day time we can visit many old churches, museums and remains of buildings from the Roman empire. I absolutely love my city and would be super happy to pass my passion to you. I'll be really glad to make some new friends in the end of our meeting!



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