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Welcome to Moscow, the city of golden domes and Cosmonauts! Moscow has been a quite important capital over the history.

Today, Moscow is a cosmopolitan capital with travelers, expats and students all around the World. Historical heritage and dynamic culture of the city offers a lot to the ones who would like to have a unique city experience. The beauties strikes from the ashes of the past are there for you to see, let’s discover the things that you may enjoy in this time-travel alike journey.

What to do in Moscow depends on your interests, however we can’t imagine a Moscow private tour without including city highlights. As Moscow Kremlin and Red Square are part of UNESCO World Heritage, your tour shall start with them. You will also see the city’s symbol, Saint Basil’s Cathedral in this experience. The famous church was built by the orders of notorious Ivan the Terrible and it reflects the characteristics of traditional Byzantine architecture rather than Russian style. Nonetheless, it is one of the most surprising and amazing city landmarks that you may ever seen. Your Moscow Local Guide will enlighten you about the history of this great church during your Red Square tour. After you discover Red Square with your guide, you may want to see Moscow from a different perspective. With a Moscow Cruise tour, you can see most of the city highlights while you are having a nice dinner. Since the city named after the Moscow river, river cruise experience is a must-try activity in Moscow.

As you may imagine, Moscow is a city which shelters a great military heritage. You will be able to find lots of museums and art galleries which were built in the remembrance of war-time heroics and where you can check military technologies of the past. Your Moscow tourist guide will help you to find must-see museums and art galleries for your Moscow private tour.

Once you are done with your history & culture tour, we think it is time for shopping and fun! In this case you must visit Arbat Street for an authentic shopping experience. Arbat street is the oldest-surviving street of Moscow and it has been an important trade center for Muscovite craftsmen. Besides being a very important landmark, it is the center of the best flea markets, second hand stores and local shops in Moscow. Your Moscow local guide will help you to find the best deals here and help you to get best presents for your loved ones.

Along with shopping, history and culture experiences, extreme activities and sports take a huge place in Moscow’s city heritage. In fact, Muscovites also enjoy these activities so much by themselves. Thus your Moscow local guide will be a great company if you want to include shooting, skiing or helicopter tours in your Moscow private tour.

In a nutshell:

Discover city’s great heritage with Kremlin Tour: Explore the stunning architecture of Saint Basil’s Cathedral as well as Red Square and Kremlin Palace.

Explore outstanding museums and art galleries of Moscow: Discover Muscovite culture from the time of Monarchy and Communism till today.

Have an authentic shopping and walking experience in Arbat Street: Explore flea markets, second hand stores and local stores in and out with your Moscow local guide.

Experience extremity like a Muscovite: Learn how to shoot with the famous Kalashnikov, watch the city in bird’s eye view with helicopter tour and enjoy skiing with your professional instructor.

Lastly, this is of course a short-listed version of the things that you can experience in Moscow. With your Moscow local guide you will know the city like back of your hands and feel like a local thanks to your guide’s companionship. Check the profiles for your Moscow private tour and a great journey shall be yours!

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