The Beauty of The Moscow Metro
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About The Beauty of The Moscow Metro Experience

Discover the Beauty of Moscow Metro with Your Local Guide

About The Beauty of The Moscow Metro Experience

Welcome to  another unique tour!

At this tour we are going to: 

★ See the most beautiful metro stations in Moscow, 

★ Hear interesting facts about them, 

★ Find out what makes them so attractive for tourists and residents of the city and take some pics of course! 

Well, do you know that the Moscow metro is one of the most beautiful metro systems in the world? And what if I say that you can visit an art gallery, a sculpture museum, look at the fountain, listen to classical music and folk songs! Yes, right in the subway! You can also visit the USSR retro cafe at one of the metro stations. 

Do not forget that the Moscow metro is not only beautiful, but also historically valuable. An interesting fact is surely associated with each station, which you can learn from local. Sometimes a metro station gets to the top not because of its beauty, but because of an interesting story related to it. Do not miss your chance to know them!

Also, local people will teach you how to easily and quickly navigate the subway and don't be afraid to use it!  More pictures you can see if you click on the special button on the Cover Image of this tour!  But not all stations of this tour are there! To see all of them just... join our tour!  

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  • Places to Visit: Moscow Metro Stations
  • Maximum Capacity: 5 People
  • Experience Duration: 4 Hours
  • This tour is a private tour. No other guests will join this tour.
  • Experience content is flexible and can be changed depending on you.
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