Wooden Batik with Sesawi Tours
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About Wooden Batik with Sesawi Tours

Enjoy Batik Wood Art with Your Local Guide!

About Wooden Batik with Sesawi Tours

My driver will pick up you from the meeting point go to our community/village. Arrived there, we welcoming you with traditional javanesse atmosphere. After that, we will invite you to start how to make the batik wood.

First process at batik wood, I will give you the clear mask without sketch. And I try to guide you step by step to make your own sketch at wood by pencil. I provide medium mask with size 8 x 16 cm. 

Your sketch definitely is use traditionals javanesse motif, with full of history and meaning. And sure i will explain you before. 

After finish sketch your own motif, we will start to draw your sketch with malam and batik tools. After "canting" processes completed, we start to coloring the mask with one or two colour. Then put them to hot boil to remove all malam from the mask. And after that, you can find your own beautiful creation batik wood art.

After that, i invite you to join an experience enjoying delicious dinner while enjoying Yogyakarta nights atmosphere at local restaurant. 

And not forget to return you at meeting point again.

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  • Experience Duration: 4 Hours
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